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Pains, trains, and automobiles

Based on the theory that live chickens are tough to handle, Team Who goes with the elephant, as do the clowns. As they explain, ClownJon and Al are, of course, more familiar with elephants than probably anybody else here, so they never doubted they wanted to work with the big guys. After all, who ever saw a chicken in the circus? Chickens don't do tricks. ["More's the pity. Chickens = instant humor, in my book." -- Sars] Anyway, both teams of guys get up on their elephants at about the same time, just as Kelly and BuffJon are arriving. Having seen Who and the clowns take off on the elephants as they were arriving, Kelly and BuffJon choose the same, and before you know it, they're off.

As we see David and Jeff making their way through town on the elephant, they regretfully give a thumbs-down to the elephant-riding experience. "Riding an elephant is painful," David says. "The spine of that elephant is very close to the skin, and so you feel it right up the old, know, friendly family there." In the interview footage, there's a pause while Jeff takes this in, and then his bland countenance busts out in a "what he hell did you just say?" guffaw. The clowns' elephant doesn't seem to be any less skinny, as ClownJon interviews that he found it quite painful as well. "I will tell you it was very painful," he says. "Without saying any more." Aw, not even "the old friendly family"? Because I enjoy remarks that are both off-color and completely nonsensical.

Tian and Jaree pull up to the Detour. Jaree interviews that from the beginning of the race, all she really wanted was to ride an elephant. She also isn't crazy about dealing with the live chickens, so she pushes for Trunks. Tian, concerned that the bikes might be faster (because you wouldn't offer the Baskets as an option if the bike were more uncomfortable and involved live chickens and weren't faster), hesitates, but she eventually gives in. As BuffJon and Kelly take off on their elephant, Millie and Chuck come flying up the road. While they're rereading the clue, Tian and Jaree -- who are already on the elephant -- realize that they didn't grab the fabric they were supposed to get, so they have to get back down and get it. This news doesn't come fast enough, though, so their elephant handler gets the elephant standing up before they get the news across, meaning that now they have to go through sitting the elephant down and standing him up again. Millie and Chuck hop up on their elephant and manage to get out of Dodge while Tian and Jaree are still hassling over the cargo they didn't pick up. In fact, while the girls' cargo problems are still being dealt with, Chip and Reichen show up.

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