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Pains, trains, and automobiles

The Chipsters note Millie and Chuck leaving on the elephants, followed by Tian and Jaree and the cargo they've finally fetched, so the fellas know that they're in a rough spot. They figure that their only option is to pick something that might make up some time, so -- chickens it is. The chickens don't actually appear to be too spry, so the guys don't have much trouble getting them into the baskets, and then they take off with Reichen riding the bike and Chip running alongside and navigating.

Team Who is finding its way to the drop-off point for the fabric. On the Jon/Kelly elephant, things are even uglier. "I'm in so much pain," BuffJon complains. "You are? I've got a chain up my cookie!" Kelly responds. I'm sorry, I need to lie down.

Okay, I'm back. I'm sorry, did she say "cookie"? It's a rare expression that I can manage to find both cutesy and vulgar. Quite an accomplishment. In an interview, BuffJon says that he would "rather have gotten dragged for two hours by the bulls in poop than go on that elephant for five minutes." You can indeed see that Jon's sitting posture on the elephant suggest Man In Extreme Discomfort. Hee. "My cookie's killin' me," Kelly repeats in the interview. Man. "Cookie" and "Millie Mole" need a labor union.

The Who/Clown Express has made its way to the shop to drop off the fabric. A curious crowd awaits. They drop it off and grab the next clue, which tells them to get to the pit stop. Phil explains that the pit stop for the leg is at a place called The Finishing Point, which I gather is just the spot where a local boat race customarily ends. Oh, and "the last team to check in here will be eliminated." WHAT? Ooooh, eeeeevil. They specifically threw that in there just to confuse us. Bastards. Hee.

The navigating is being a little rough on both Kelly and BuffJon and Millie and Chuck, as a bit of snappishness is exchanged between both couples. Elsewhere, Tian and Jaree are suffering navigation difficulties, too.

The Chipsters, meanwhile, are happily biking along to their destination -- or at least Reichen is biking. Chip is running. Rough gig. At one point, he yells at Reichen to take a right, but then stops to double-check with someone that he's right, employing the ever-popular Randomly Generated Funny Accent method of trying to get strangers in other countries to understand you. He has to call Reichen back from the turn he just told him to make, and Reichen's not happy about that at all. "Are you reading the map right?" Reichen says with frustration once he's turned around. "Honey, I think so," Chip says as he runs along behind the bike. "I want to show you, but you're not slowing down." Hee. Map-reading -- the universal fight-starter.

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