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Pains, trains, and automobiles

12:52 AM. Chip and Reichen. Turns out that the take for this leg of the race is only $70, so it's beginning to be time to hang onto your cash, one might suspect. Chip interviews that Reichen has a way of deferring to him because he speaks so forcefully when he thinks he's right, and so he's trying to work on that, given that he's made "significant blunders." (cough parkinglotparkinglot cough) The Chipsters head into a hotel to talk to the concierge, undoubtedly hoping to get the skinny on the train situation before deciding what to do.

In the Who cab, David gets the driver to call the hotel on the cell phone, and the word comes back of the impending twenty-four-hour train ride, and that the train out of Panvel doesn't leave until 11:20 in the morning, which is still a good ten hours off. They, too, have hit up a hotel concierge by phone.

The Chipsters, meanwhile, are told that it will take about an hour and a half to get to Panvel, so they order up a taxi and thank the concierge, who seems to be ordering their ride from something called "Cool Cab." Ah, yes, the cabs where the radio only plays the hip tunes with the crazy beats and there are no squares to step on your buzz. When the taxi comes, Reichen double-checks that it has enough gas for the relatively long trip. Considering what a recurring theme this turns into during the leg, I have to think at least somebody had some adventures with under-fueled taxis in the previous leg. Or else it's a very specialized compulsion.

1:19 AM. BuffJon and Kelly. Kelly's off-the-mat speech this week concerns the fact that she knows herself to be "high maintenance," and she's trying not to be. You know, "high maintenance" is one of those terms I sometimes regret was ever introduced, because, like people who sarcastically apologize for not being "politically correct," women who label themselves "high maintenance" often seem to think that once they slap the label down, they've taken the relevant behavior off the table. It's like yelling "shotgun!" -- the first woman in any group who declares herself to be "high maintenance" gets to have other people refill her drink all night, and actually gets sympathy when she complains that her beer is too cold. Whatever, Little Red Whining Hood. Kelly, in an interview in which she looks mighty tired, explains to us that she still thinks Jon is "selfish," and returns to her theme that he needs to remember that she's part of the team, too. (Except when they're doing something really yucky -- at those times, she'd just as soon he'd forget.) These two wind up taking a different approach, which is to cab it to Victoria, a nearer train station, and catch a train to Panvel.

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