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Pains, trains, and automobiles

The Chipster and Tian/Jaree taxis head for the pit stop, where Kelly and BuffJon are just now jumping onto the mat. Welcome, Team Needs A New Damn Joke, Already! You are team number three. Just behind them, Chuck and Millie check in at number four.

Cab race! Pit stop! Who will be eliminated! And...damn, I don't hate either of these teams. Damn. Anyway, go! Go! Phil waits at the pit stop with the pretty greeter. And running up to the mat, it's...the Chipsters. Who I don't hate or anything, but...damn. Welcome, Chipsters, you are team number five. And I don't know what the fuss is all about -- I like that hug. I think that hug looks quite sufficiently lovey.

Here come Tian and Jaree up to the finish line. They're a little too peppy -- I'd say they haven't caught on yet that the boys did the chickens and passed them. They step up, and are Philiminated. Tian interviews that she isn't disappointed -- she saw great things, and they did the best they could. She makes the rather unfortunate remark that they started losing when they stopped fighting, which may perhaps be true in a strictly chronological sense, but I think they did the right thing about six different ways by deciding to stop being so bitchy to each other, and in the end, they didn't lose because they weren't fighting, I don't think. I'll miss them; they were tough, and did a good job, and I do hate to see both of the chick teams bounced in two consecutive shows. Que sera, sera, I suppose.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: More line drama. More Millie drama. People falling in the water. Big clown arms. Whee!

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