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Pains, trains, and automobiles

1:34 AM. Millie and Chuck. Millie interviews after their rip-and-read that she and Chuck have been concerned about how nasty things have gotten between them in the last couple of legs, so they agreed to try hard to be more pleasant to each other. Good idea. I can't decide whether she looks here like she hasn't washed her hair in twelve or thirteen days, or whether she's going for a sort of hippie look at which she has excelled. She looks a little like the Herbal Essence girl and a little like an escaped convict. Maybe they finally locked up the Herbal Essence girl for all those lewd public displays, and this is what happened to her.

1:36 AM. Tian and Jaree. A very perky Jaree voices over that she and Tian are now getting along just swell after their big bonding leg last week. She interviews that she "want[s] to be the first girl team to win." Man, I want that, too. Anything to wipe Flo off the record books and throw her farther into irrelevance works well for me.

1:37 AM. Jon and Al. ClownJon explains that the last leg was "too close," and they need to work harder and pay better attention to the details. In other words, you have to fight off the mental, as well as the physical, Killer Fatigue.

These last three teams to depart are grabbing their cabs out of the pit stop at approximately the same time, but Jon and Al get the scoop from their driver that they might want to take the train from Victoria to Panvel, just as Jon and Kelly are doing, in part because a local taxis from Panvel will be expensive if they go that route. Speaking of Jon and Kelly, they're just arriving at Victoria Station, and one the many rather sad-looking dogs that are hanging around looks up as if to say, "Oh. It's her." They go inside to try to buy tickets, just as Jon and Al, back in their cab, find out from their driver that the ticket counter will be open in the morning, but wouldn't be open right now. This is just what Kelly is finding out at Victoria, where she's learning that the counter isn't open until 4:00 AM. She and BuffJon pile back into the cab, with BuffJon making the very middle-of-the-nightish observation, "This just gets funner and funner." His second-grade language arts teacher cringes and takes a swig of brandy. And then she drunk-dials his kindergarten teacher, who was technically responsible for cleansing the vocabulary of the word "funner."

Al and ClownJon seem to be heading back to the hotel where they started, given that they can't leave yet anyway. As Kelly and BuffJon do the same, she mentions to the driver that it doesn't look like anyone is out "partying on a Friday night." BuffJon makes a BuffJoke about looking for clubs. Ho ho ho, lack of leisure activities humor! I suppose everyone deals with abject poverty in his own way. Back at the hotel, ClownJon and Al turn in again, happy to get the extra couple of hours of sleep, but when Kelly and BuffJon de-cab, they sacrifice a few minutes of sleep to make time for a squabble over when they should leave in the morning. She wants to get up early and go at 6:00, because she wants to be sure to miss rush hour after her last unpleasant experience on the train out of Mumbai last week. Jon thinks leaving at 7:00 will leave them plenty of time to avoid rush hour, but Kelly puts her foot down. It's really interesting, because although they're arguing, and she's saying, "It's 6:00 or nothing, that's it," he reaches over and picks something off her shoulder at this point, which I immediately took as a subconscious gesture of concern because although he thought she was being ridiculous, he also felt bad that she was so upset about the train ride. I mean, I think it's pretty well-established that the lint-pluck is a mark of affection, so even though he's genuinely annoyed with her, I think he also feels for her. At any rate, he says, "I don't know why I argue with you," and walks away.

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