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Danny and Oswald arrive at the Roadblock, and Danny is going to be throwing for the team. They see that Charla and Mirna are already there, and Danny observes, "They probably didn't stop to get fruit." Well, probably not, fellas. Charla asks Oswald where they were, and he's like, "We bought some fruit." He's unconcerned. He starts giving Danny throwing advice in Spanish, which is the hottest thing since lava, for some reason. Mirna finally hits the target, and she turns a cartwheel on her way to retrieve the clue. They are both screaming and screaming and screaming, to a degree that's rather disproportionate to the accomplishment. Danny and Oswald look at them like, "Wow. Whaaatever." I wonder if Mirna and Charla demonstrate like that when they successfully put their bags into the overhead compartment. They read the clue, which tells them to go to the Old Fort. Phil says it's about 15 miles to the pit stop from here. Last team to check in may be eliminated.

Back at the Roadblock, Oswald hollers to Danny that Mirna was apparently praying "to her grandmother, her grandfather, and her eternal lineage." Ha! Danny hits the target, so they can go. Meanwhile, Mirna and Charla prepare to meet Phil at he pit stop. There is some lame effort to create suspense here, but let's not kid each other: Mirna and Charla are coming in first, because there will be no "divine intervention," as Danny puts it. Yes, Mirna leads Charla into the bathroom at one point, but it's still not enough. Welcome, Charla and Mirna, you are team number one. And, Phil tells them, they have each won a catamaran! "Huh?" Mirna says. "What is that?" Charla asks. Sigh. Phil explains that it's a boat, you goofuses. And then they're all, "Yay!"

Welcome, Oswald and Danny. You are team number two.

Uchenna and Joyce and Dustin and Kandice get on land and find the Detour clue. Uchenna and Joyce take the puzzle, but Dustin and Kandice decide to haul the logs. My favorite part is that Kandice (I think) reads the clue as "Solve it or Schelp [sic] it." Not enough comedic Yiddish in her background, I suppose.

And here come Eric and Pink, landing in Dar Es Salaam in fifth place. They head for the ferry terminal, with Eric saying that he's at least happy to be ahead of two other teams by a couple of hours.

Roll call! Uchenna and Joyce work on the puzzle. Dustin and Kandice load up the logs on their cart. A gentleman agrees to lead them with the cart to where they need to go, so they take off. We return to find Eric and Pink at the ferry terminal, and they're leaving "soon." Dustin and Kandice jog with their cart full of logs. Eric presses the dhow guy to depart, and he does. Eric says that if they don't get going, they'll run into Guido and Teri and Ian. Not likely. On the plane, Bill and Joe and Teri and Ian look very tense, because they know it's going to be just the two of them. I don't like seeing Guido like this. I never saw Al Capone in jail, but I assume it would have been like this. Bill says that they have to just keep going and run their own race, and Ian insists that he never would "throw in the towel." No, he would just dangle it from his head, like he does with his hat right now.

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