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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

As Dustin and Kandice run with their cart, they get it unbalanced, and it winds up tipping over and dumping the logs so they have to be reloaded. And they manage to do it without complaining. I have definitely come around. ["Welcome to the blonde side, Miss Alli." -- Joe R]

Uchenna and Joyce finish the puzzle and grab a taxi to the village where, we now know, they will find the Roadblock. They're excited about how fast the puzzle thing was, because I suspect they know they almost have to be doing better than the BQs, who took the Move A Giant Heavy Thing option. Speaking of the BQs, they finally get their logs to the shipyard (sounds dirty; isn't) and drop them off. I must admit, since they stopped being so cutesy and pleased with themselves, which is how I found them in the previous race (it also helps not to have the "sistas" business to contend with), they're kind of the stereotype-shattering female team I always wanted. Like, the fact that they don't say anything about using their looks to get ahead, and the fact that they look at what's basically a Puzzle/Brawn Detour and are like, "Well, brawn, of course"? I dig that about them, more and more. It's like their whole life is about getting revenge after spending too long watching Miss Soybean Festival put on false eyelashes and call it her "talent." They pull the clue that leads to the Detour. In the taxi, they agree that they still think doing the logs was a good choice. Of course, there's not really any way to know at this point, but there's no reason not to choose to take a positive approach.

As we watch Eric and Danielle make their way to Zanzibar in the dhow, Eric voices over that you never know what's going to happen, because people can pop up out of nowhere, even when you thought they were out.

At 5:48 PM, the plane carrying Guido and Teri and Ian lands, and both teams run out to get taxis. The teams are right together as they head for the ferry terminal, and as Ian says, it's a "flat-out race" between them. Teri is wearing... like, a baseball cap? Or a newsboy cap? With all her hair under it? I don't know. She kind of has an "ANTM challenge gone wrong" look about her. Ian is traditionally hatted.

Commercials. Dudes, Survivor is so bad this season.

Joe and Bill and Teri and Ian get to the ferry terminal. They're all running for the dhow dock, because of course, it could be like last time, where they wouldn't wind up on the same boat, necessarily. But it isn't that, so obviously, the next dhow isn't leaving for a bit, and it will have both teams on it. Everyone is disappointed that their two-way race for the bottom will apparently continue.

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