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Elsewhere, Uchenna and Joyce read the Roadblock clue, and they decide that Uchenna will do it. He takes a shot at hopping like the Maasai, which is pretty cool. When he starts throwing the rungu, however, he comments that it "could take some time." The BQs are on their way there, asking how far it is. The driver says they're getting there, and they wonder where Uchenna and Joyce are. Uchenna, as it happens, is busy breaking the target and getting the clue. The preview in which it was suggested that Uchenna struggled with the Roadblock was, it appears, complete crap. A large crowd has gathered, and it cheers for Uchenna as he and Joyce read their pit stop clue. He even gets a hug from one of the Maasai. In the taxi, Uchenna says that "jumping with the Maasai" is a "dream come true," and the black and white "memories light the corners of Uchenna's mind" footage would make a lot more sense if this hadn't happened about 15 seconds ago. TiVo, people.

The BQs open the Roadblock clue. Dustin takes it. She's doing it in the dark, which would seem to me to make this whole thing quite a bit harder.

Eric and Danielle get the Detour clue. They decide to do the puzzle.

Uchenna and Joyce hurry onto the mat so their "marked for elimination" penalty can start. In fact, Joyce yells, "Start the clock!" Heh. Phil tells them that they're third to arrive, but they'll have to wait a half-hour to be checked in. They step off the mat to wait.

Dustin finishes the Roadblock, and they get the pit stop clue. Meanwhile, Eric and Pink work their way through the puzzle. They complete it and collect their clue.

Uchenna and Joyce's penalty time ends, and they step on the mat. So we know that the Detour with the logs, if done well, took at least a half-hour longer than the puzzle, if done well. It's almost impossible to tell from a description how difficult or time-consuming a puzzle is going to be, so once again, choosing the puzzle was basically a crapshoot in this situation, just like everything else in the leg. There's really no good reason related to the quality of anyone's racing why Uchenna and Joyce aren't switched with, for instance, Guido. Or why Eric and Danielle aren't first, or last, or maybe even why Charla and Mirna are first rather than last. This entire division of teams into groups relates to who got off the standby list when. That's the whole thing. And as between Uchenna and Joyce and the BQs, finishing order related to which Detour you picked, rather than -- for instance -- how well you did it. At any rate, welcome Uchenna and Joyce, you are now officially team number three.

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