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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

The final dhow leaves, carrying Bill and Joe and Team Guido.

Welcome, Dustin and Kandice. You are team number four.

Eric and Pink reach the Roadblock, and she takes it, though she doesn't seem happy about it. She makes her first throw, and Eric helpfully says, "That was horrible!" After a while, she "completes" the Roadblock by, it appears, hitting the post that the target is on, which causes the target to fall off the post and land on the ground, at which point it breaks. I don't think I would have given the point for that. Aren't you supposed to have to hit the actual target? Apparently not, because they get their clue for the pit stop. ["Buuuuullll-shiiiiit. Seriously. If a stiff wind had knocked the target off, would she have gotten the credit for that too?" -- Joe R]

Joe and Bill. Teri and Ian. Approaching Zanzibar. Ian says that while "Team Guidos are great people," he doesn't want to lose.

Welcome, Eric and Pink. You are team number five. Phil has clearly just woken up to deliver this news.

Teri and Ian and Bill and Joe reach the kiosk and get the Detour clue. Both teams elect to do the puzzle, with Bill explaining in an interview that they thought they'd do the same Detour as Teri and Ian, in order to minimize the risk that somehow, they'd be left behind entirely. We next see both teams at the puzzle, where it takes Teri and Ian a few minutes to realize that the pieces of the puzzle are painted on both sides, meaning that ones they thought didn't fit just might. This gives Guido an advantage, and before you know it, they're all done and getting their clue. They leave for the pit stop, and Teri says, "We're in trouble." As Bill and Joe leave, they say that they don't really know what's next, so they're not sure whether they're sitting pretty or not, though it seems like they might be. Teri and Ian finish the puzzle and get going.

It's light again, and Bill and Joe have arrived at the Roadblock clue. Bill takes it, and Joe cheers him on as he starts throwing. Joe tells him to let go of the thing earlier. Teri and Ian approach, as she wonders whether "somebody" might get hung up at the Roadblock. Ian points out that it could only be Guido, unless you think Eric and Danielle got hung up there for, like, three hours. "Suspense" is created as we watch Bill throw, then throw again. They actually put him into slow motion as he makes the throw that ultimately hits the target. Hey, fellas? When you slow it down, we can kind of tell that's the big throw, which takes the suspense out of the smashing of the target. Even Foreshadowing is like, "Okay, stop pounding on me." They collect the clue for the pit stop. They are very relieved as they get back into their taxi that Teri and Ian never arrived while they were still there.

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