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And here come Teri and Ian. He takes the Roadblock. His first throw is off. The Guidos are stuck in traffic. Joe speculates that the Roadblock will not take Ian very long. Heh. He throws and hits the target, and he hurries over to grab the clue. They get on the way to the old fort. Teri urges their driver to go faster. The Guidos are still stuck in traffic! Hey, maybe that's a wreck up there! They think their driver might be lost! This is very suspenseful! Here's the old fort! Here's a team's POV! I wonder whose! Here are Bill and Joe, but then here are Teri and Ian! What will happen?

Welcome, Bill and Joe, you are team number six. And you're only seventeen hours out of first place, given that the lead team likely left five hours ago, so you should have no trouble getting right back in it. They're very relieved nonetheless.

Teri and Ian approach the mat with a resigned, "We're coming, Phil." Aw! They apologize for getting him up early (heh), and he tells them that they're last, and that they're out of the race. They are not shocked. "We had fun," Teri says. "We're sorry to be eliminated." Ian interviews that they're going back to "a great life," and he calls Teri "the love of [his] life." She adds, "Ian loves me like no one else can." That's kind of getting into a weird area, but I know what she's getting at, I think. "I wouldn't want to be in life without her," he says. And while Ian didn't cover himself in glory when he was taped in sequester (so people who watch online videos tell me), I do feel good for them that they kept the way they talk to each other a lot more in check this time (or it felt like they did), so that genuinely, as they walk away, I think to myself, "Nice people." And I don't think it was artificial; I just think they worked to stay away from behaviors that didn't serve them very well anyway. I respect the way they went about the whole thing, really. Also, I'm still completely afraid of her in many ways.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Charla says "Ni."

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