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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

10:36 PM. Uchenna and Joyce. Joyce reminds us that she and Uchenna will have to serve a 30-minute penalty if they're not first, so they have to really try to be first. Uchenna says that they'll have to "rely on ourselves." Can't trust anyone! Have to be your own best friend! Give it over to destiny!

Charla and Mirna arrive at the airport. "Wait here, because we not sure yet," Mirna tells their driver, who now hates her, in her exaggerated accent. I am told, and it makes sense, that she probably got this accent from Armenian family, so it's not the accent itself that I dislike; it's the fact that she puts it on as an affectation in Africa for some reason, like she thinks everyone around the world learned English from watching Bronson Pinchot on Perfect Strangers, so they won't recognize anything you say without an accent of some kind. They go inside and find one open office, where the lady explains that there is one departure tomorrow at 8:30 AM on LAM, but they won't be able to buy tickets until tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. Mirna then leans down over the counter, totally invading the lady's space, and says, "You call for me South Africa Airlines." The lady physically leans back, perhaps the first person we've seen physically recoil from this behavior of which Mirna is so fond, and she says, "Right now?" Mirna is insistent, as is Charla. They're totally not asking, either. They're telling this lady that she's doing this whether she wants to or not, whether it's her job or not, and whether the service is open at this time of night or not. The lady tells Mirna that it simply isn't possible, and Mirna picks up the woman's phone and asks what number it is to dial out. The lady somehow resists what I'm sure is the urge to say, "Try 1-800-CRAZYPANTS." Charla, meanwhile, is within her rights to go around the side of the desk so she can see the lady rather than being completely blocked by the high counter, but she is nevertheless way out of line when she takes this as an excuse to physically reach over and start touching stuff on the lady's desk. Seriously, don't do that. You do not reach in and touch things on a stranger's desk at work; it's rude. Even most of the rudest people at your office know this; I can almost guarantee you. The woman keeps telling them that this is impossible (and if it wasn't impossible before, it certainly is now), and now Charla has affected the accent as well, as well as the broken English. Finally, they figure out that at this point, this woman wouldn't help them if they were choking on bagels, and they leave the nice lady alone. That scene did not reflect well on either of them, and it didn't fit the usual pattern of Mirna being a rude ass and Charla kind of smoothing things over. Defeated for the moment, they decide to head back to the hotel.

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