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The BQs also get to the airport, and the same nice lady tells them that they'll have to wait until tomorrow to buy tickets. Rather than harangue her or reach over to fiddle with her stapler, they leave politely. They, too, go back to the hotel. Teri and Ian follow, and when they get the same information, she wants to go back to the hotel, but he wants to sleep at the counter. He's concerned that the traffic to get back to the airport will be entirely too brutal. Joe and Bill show up, and when they say they're staying overnight, then Ian wants to do it even more. He tells Teri that he's aware it's "an inconvenience," and she protests that it's only 11:00. They have six hours before they can even buy tickets. His argument is that he doesn't want to be in the back of the line. She suggests the alternative of sleeping in the car, but he is insistent about going inside and sleeping in line. She finally relents, interviewing that he's "opinionated," and he has trouble seeing in other than "black and white." While he's being pretty pushy, he's holding it together better than he sometimes has, as far as giving her opinion a chance before... kind of throwing it out. My favorite part is where he goes back to "stop, look, and listen," and she says, "Yeah, but do we have to 'stop' in an airport?" Hee. I'm always in favor of turning pleasantries back on the people who spout them.

The next morning, honking horns (the orchestral kind, not the car kind) stress that Ian and Teri and Bill and Joe are in the front of the line, having waited all night. Teri says she's not hanging around for another day, and she wonders if there's a flight to Miami. This temporarily creates a fold in the universe in which Teri becomes one with Flo, which makes me think that this may wind up like Ghostbusters, with the unleashing of demons and the breathing of fire. Charla makes fun of Teri in an interview for wanting to quit all the time. Does not zee nice lady have zee attitude that is good? You follow?

Unfortunately, Teri isn't going to Miami or anywhere else right now, because the direct flight to Dar Es Salaam is entirely full. You may call this Chapter One of this week's book, Standing Around And Other Exciting Activities. Everybody goes ahead and gets on standby for the 8:30 flight from Maputo to Dar Es Salaam. We then see Mirna get the information that there's a flight at 7:00 to Johannesburg that connects on to Dar Es Salaam, but the connection is completely full. So they can get you as far as Johannesburg, but after that, you'd be on standby. We watch as Charla and Mirna discuss the risk of going to Johannesburg without a connection available. Risk notwithstanding, they get boarding passes and leave. "Mirna and Charla got on, to Jo-burg," Ian says. Bill explains the risk of Mirna and Charla's situation, and how they don't have a guarantee unless they get the connection. What's funny about this is that the show is so determined to give you some reason to admire or respect Mirna and Charla's racing skills, and to think that those racing skills have something to do with their success, that I think it may be bullshitting you here, big time. The suggestion the show is making is that all the other teams decided not to take the early flight, choosing to remain on standby in Maputo rather than go be on standby in Johannesburg, which, you will notice, MAKES NO SENSE. And indeed, it may not have happened that way, at least according to Teri and Ian's recent interviews. In fact, they claim that all the teams tried to get on that same flight, which is why there is no footage of one single team making a decision not to try to get on it, but to just wait on standby in Maputo rather than waiting on standby in Johannesburg. Nobody is shown making that decision because apparently, nobody did, as you would think nobody would. Mirna and Charla may have merely been the lucky ones who made it onto that flight. If it's true that other teams also tried to get on and just didn't, then Charla and Mirna didn't risk more than anyone else, and they didn't do anything awesome -- they were just lucky enough to get tickets, which pretty much makes the entirety of this leg bullshit.

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