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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

At any rate, Charla and Mirna's flight to Johannesburg takes off at 7:00 AM, and at 8:20, the other teams learn that none of them will be making it onto the flight to Dar Es Salaam. They are told to try South African Airlines, which will open at 9:45 AM. I think, for the first of many times this episode, "I hope there is a Starbucks at this airport."

Meanwhile in Johannesburg, Mirna and Charla, of course, get on the flight to Dar Es Salaam, thanks to a guy named Christo (Cristo?) who they adopt and force to hold hands (ick) and pray (ick) with them that they'll get on the flight. "Are you praying too? Please pray," Mirna orders him. I think he's praying, but for something different from what she has in mind. In the interview, even Charla says that Mirna's forcing the guy into holding hands and praying was "awkward." And you know Charla isn't going to say it's awkward unless it's, like, underpants-on-your-head awkward. Of course, they explode with gratitude and hug everyone within hugging distance when they actually get on the flight. They are now, we would say, Way Ahead. They are the kind of ahead that the show fairly clearly doesn't want anybody to get, considering that they've managed to avoid it for all but the very first season.

Back in Maputo, everyone waits for South African Airlines to open. Eric and Pink, Danny and Oswald, and Uchenna and Joyce decide to go to the upstairs office before the counter opens, while Bill and Joe and Teri and Ian decide to stay at the counter, figuring that's the best way to keep your spot in line. It's really hard to say in the abstract what the right answer is there -- there have been times when you want to be in line, and there have been times when you want to try the office, and when you know how tight things are, giving up a shot at the front of the line when the counter opens... it's really a crapshoot what the right thing to do is. As it turns out, in this situation, the upstairs teams ask about an 11:45 AM flight to Johannesburg, going on to Dar Es Salaam. They learn that they can get on as far as Johannesburg, but getting from there to Dar Es Salaam is a problem. So the guy puts these four teams on a standby list from Johannesburg to Dar Es Salaam. Sneaking around pays off again! It's kind of ironic that Team Guido is getting screwed here for respecting the line. Karma isn't usually time-release.

Charla and Mirna leave Johannesburg. (Johannesburg: "Okay, that's the only one we cared about. Everybody else can have as long a layover as you'd like.")

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