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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

When the South African Airways counter opens, Teri and Ian and Bill and Joe get the same news about being able to get to Johannesburg, but not on to Dar Es Salaam. So all six teams wind up on the same flight to Johannesburg, and all six teams are on standby for the second leg of the trip. They all land in Johannesburg at 12:53 PM (very precise, Screen Caption Guy!), and they head to the Air Tanzania counter to check in. They're told that there are four teams who will be checked in, and it's the four who went upstairs in Maputo -- Danny and Oswald, Eric and Pink, Dustin and Kandice, and Uchenna and Joyce. The guy says that he can't accommodate everyone, and Joe gets all "What are you going to do for us?", which is kind of goofy, because nobody forced you to come here without a reservation, you know? I feel for him, but he's going to get nowhere with attitude, and he's lucky the answer wasn't, "Put you in cargo?"

The four lead teams get on the plane, but not before Eric curses himself on the walk down the jetway by saying that he keeps waiting for someone to be like, "Never mind! You can't get on!" And sure enough, they are already seated on the plane when a guy comes and tells them that they have to get off the plane, because they were erroneously given someone else's seats. Ha! I get a lot of vicarious satisfaction from seeing Eric and Pink get hauled off the plane, because how many times have you sat on a plane next to an obvious dink and wished someone would come by and simply remove him from the plane? I'm sort of living through the people sitting near Eric, I guess. He tries to offer $50 for anyone who wants to get off the plane, but there are no takers, so he and Pink have to leave. At the first sign of trouble in almost the entire race, Pink falls to pieces about how this is so horrible, and she doesn't want to do it, and blah blah blah. And she's not just unhappy about the way her hair looks at this particular moment, either.

Commercials. I kind of want that tiny car in the Wii commercial.

When we come back, Eric and Pink are still complaining, but the guy is supposed to be on his way back to talk to them about what can be done. When he returns, he tells them that he can put them on standby for a South American Airways flight tomorrow, leaving at 9:55 AM. And they're on "priority standby." Now, the poor guy who just pulled Eric and Pink off the plane goes to deal with Teri and Ian and Bill and Joe, all of whom are also pissed off and frustrated, and he tells them also about the 9:55 AM flight with SAA, which they can get -- you guessed it -- on standby. Teri kind of can't believe she's in for another night at the airport. I think that so far, the most sympathetic character in this entire episode is this airport guy. Don't pick on the airport guy! It's not his fault!

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