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I Got A Cab At Zanzibar

Dar Es Salaam, 2:52 PM. Charla and Mirna get a taxi for the ferry terminal.

Back at Johannesburg, Bill spots Eric and Danielle and runs back to Joe to report that they didn't actually make it on the flight, so there are three teams in the back, not two. "We just went from top four to bottom three," Eric acknowledges to the camera. He and Pink then run into Teri and Ian in a bookstore, and they're surprised to see him as well. "We're all in the same sinking boat," Ian notes. Heh.

Mirna and Charla get to the ferry terminal. They pull a number, and despite the fact that it is now, what, like 3:30, maybe? Yeah, it's probably 3:30 in the afternoon, but due to "weather," the first dhow won't leave until tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM. And if you believe that is the result of "weather" and not the result of the fact that crap-ass race planning threatened to put one team about a day ahead of everyone else for no good reason with a bunch of legs to go, it is my humble opinion that you may be a big sucker. Particularly in light of the completely clear skies and the fact that, as you will later see, these boats can leave in the middle of the night, and the show sends them at what appear to be undisclosed and unpredictable intervals. This means that the guy has just announced that they will be leaving because of "weather," in exactly fourteen hours, after which weather will no longer be an issue. Very convincing!

At 6:50 PM, the flight lands at the Dar Es Salaam airport carrying Uchenna and Joyce, Dustin and Kandice, and Oswald and Danny. They all get cabs. They all make their way to the general area of the ferries, but there's some confusion and running around in the dark looking for the actual clue box. Ultimately, Oswald and Danny pull the second "1," meaning that they get to ride in the morning with Mirna and Charla. You got graceful good humor in my bitchy self-righteousness! You got bitchy self-righteousness in my graceful good humor! Dustin and Kandice and Uchenna and Joyce will be on a dhow leaving at 8:30 AM. Because it will take three hours for the waves left by the first dhow to clear, apparently. Uchenna and Joyce run up, and they're the second team on the dhow with the BQs. Uchenna explains that it's frustrating, particularly when you know you have a 30-minute penalty, to sit on your ass and wait for a boat that's not leaving until the next day. They should try being the production guy who has to figure out when the boats should all leave to achieve the desired result.

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