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"I might puke on Phil," Justin warns. Now that he says that, it's kind of surprising that's never happened before, in however many hundreds of Pit Stop arrivals Phil has been present for over the years. He's seen racers pass out and shove their spouses and show up filthy and/or soaked, but I don't think the man himself has ever been befouled. Get on that, show. They get to the restaurant and find Phil outside with a Swiss miss greeter who welcomes them to Zermatt. "It's nice to fondue you," Zev flirts. She laughs because there are cameras on them. Phil tells them they're team number one, and as Zev wears the clean fondue pot on his head over his Elmer Fudd hat, Phil adds that they've won a trip to Curacao. Also, this is their fourth win. "We're just in it for the fondue of it," Zev says. Man, he is really wringing every fondue pun he can think of out of this situation. But then, puns are often the very fondue-tion of my recaps, so I can't judge. They interview about how well things are going. "A lot of cheese," Justin adds. "You smell awful, by the way," Zev remarks. Hey, it's not easy being cheesy.

Kisha and Jen are team number two, which isn't really news to Jen.

The Globetrotters deliver some luggage to their second-to-last hotel, flirting shamelessly with the desk clerk. The Cowboys are up to 11 bags delivered, and scaring the crap out of Gary and Mallory, who spot them from across a street. They get up to 16 after their next stop. Kent and Vyxsin deliver their last batch of bags, but then they have to get back to the train station. So Vyxsin offers to let Kent ride in the cart. Even more embarrassingly, he does. "Hang on tight," she warns, "because if you fall off, I'll be sad." Why?

The Globetrotters arrive at what they think is the last hotel, but the clerk says the last three are for a different place, so they have another trip to make. Oops. Gary and Mallory finish up, and again pass the Cowboys and their half-empty cart on the street. The Cowboys, rushing their cart down the busy street, deploy the international language of "beep-beep."

Vyxsin has carted Kent all the way back to the station, and after turning in their tickets, they're on the way to the U-Turn sign. But they've already "used up" theirs, on the cheerleaders, so that's moot for them. You can only U-Turn another team once on the whole race? I didn't know that was a rule. What would be even better is being able to U-Turn no one.

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