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The Globetrotters deliver their last batch of luggage and head back to the train station. Jet and Cord have delivered 16 bags, so the gap is narrowing. "If we don't get U-Turned, we've got a chance to stay in it," Jet says. That's a rapidly growing if.

Gary and Mallory finish the Detour in fourth place and head off to the U-Turn. The Globetrotters show up at the head porter's desk and, after making note of the Cowboys' backpacks waiting there, turn in their tickets. But there are only eighteen of them. Oopsie. Flight Time starts checking his pockets, and Big Easy wonders how many more Detours Flight Time is going to screw up for them at the last minute before he's made up for that whole Kafka thing. After the ads, all they can do is pick up a couple more bags and head out again. "The Cowboys will catch up with us," Big Easy frets. Flight Time apologizes, but does not bring up Kafka.

Jet and Cord deliver a couple more bags, so they've got only two left. Same as the Globetrotters! Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the U-Turn and also U-Turn no one. They're off to the Pit Stop in third place, very surprised that nobody else was U-Turned. Well, not everybody is as dickish as you two.

Gary and Mallory get to the U-Turn, and opt not to use it. So at the very most, this will be a single U-Turn. In the electric taxi to the Pit Stop, Gary says you don't want to use the U-Turn unless you have to, but with the Cowboys and the Globetrotters fighting for last, it might happen. "Hate to see either of them go," Mallory says, speaking for much of the audience but especially the producers.

Flight Time and Big Easy deliver their 21st and 22nd bags, then Jet and Cord deliver their last two. So now it's a race back to he train station.

Kent and Vyxsin arrive at the Moos and are told they're team number three. When Gary and Mallory arrive later, she's so thrilled just to be there that she doesn't just grin at Phil from under her bellboy cap, she tips her head back and opens her mouth wide enough for him to toss grapefruits into it. "You just make me laugh," Phil says, staring down into her crazed face. She returns the sentiment, and although he says he doesn't know what it is (it's because she's bugshit, Phil), he tells them they're team number four. Mallory is thrilled, of course.

Flight Time and Big Easy make it back to the train station first, so they're officially in fifth place at the end of the Detour. They clear out seemingly minutes before Jet and Cord show up and earn their clue in last. Now it's a race to the Double U-Turn. Flight Time and Big Easy find a hockey rink to ask some people for directions to the fountain, but none of them seem to know where it is. But the Cowboys get pointed in the right direction right away. Lots of cutting back and forth between teams, of the kind you usually see when the Pit Stop is down the road, because let's face it, this leg ends not at the Pit Stop but at the Double U-Turn. Finally, the team we see approaching it first is...the Globetrotters. Big Easy asks Flight Time what he wants to do, and Flight Time reaches into the box, meaning someone's getting screwed. "We choose to U-Turn the Cowboys," Flight Time says, and sticks up their picture. So that's it for Jet and Cord. "We don't want to do it, but it's either us or them. Sorry, guys," Flight Time says. Or you could just beat them to the Pit Stop. They get in an electric taxi, Flight Time saying he hated to do it to one of their favorite teams, but it's all about survival.

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