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Justin walks up a steep stone path to the castle, but Jen runs up it, somewhere behind him. The re-racers who sat this Road Block out have already been delivered to the castle in the interim, along with everyone's backpacks. "Did you see that hill?" Jen pants to Kisha. Zev and Justin open the clue sending them by bus and train to Zermatt, Switzerland, a ski town at the base of the Matterhorn. Their next clue will be somewhere in the train station. Three countries in one leg? Well, I guess they've already exhausted everything you can do in Liechtenstein.When the two lead teams arrive at the bus station, Flight Time rides up on his Solex, admitting he got lost and fishing unsubtly for clues. "I think it's...twenty? Come on, don't make me go back." Jen, with her friend-crush on Flight Time, says, "No, don't go back, "and Justin blurts, "Twenty-two." After the fact, he admits he doesn't know why he did it, other than they're friends and he felt ahead of enough teams. I'd also point out that now the Globetrotters owe him another favor, but since they paid back the last one by letting Team Asperger's take the last two seats on a later flight, that's not really to Justin's advantage anyway. Flight Time gets back on his way, joking that he would have beaten them up if they hadn't told him. Or, "joking." The bus comes, and as they ride it to the train station, Jen admits to Justin that she wouldn't have told anyone else. And after Justin shared his map and confirmed her math for her, too.

Flight Time catches up with Gary and says it's 22. They fist-bump while rolling down the road. It's looking like everyone's all about screwing the Cowboys at this point. Down where Marco is waiting, Flight Time hands over Justin's correct answer just as Vyxsin is rolling up. Gary also gets his clue. Vyxsin, who took a while, at least got the correct answer on her own, so she's on her way to the castle. That leaves only Jet still out in the vast, trackless wilderness of north, south, and central Liechtenstein. His Amazing Red Line rewinds up to the top of the country as he informs us, "'Don't get lost' is gonna be my strategy." From the beginning of the route, he gets started again, using a strategy that probably would have served him well the first time. Meanwhile, the two lead teams are getting on the train to Switzerland together, Justin and Jen joke-flirting. If it were Flight Time, there would be real-flirting.

At Gutenberg Castle, Mallory and Big Easy are happy to se their respective partners, and Gary tells Cord, "Jet had to turn around and go back." Not that Gary's terribly bothered by that, but Cord's Marlboro Man cool looks like it's cracking a bit. Those two teams head down the hill, leaving Kent and Cord looking at each other like Fuse and CMT on adjacent cable channels. But then Vyxsin shows up, leaving Cord to refer to himself as "the lone ranger." The Globetrotters and Gary/Mallory get on a bus, while the very happy Goths get on a different one. "I want to put some cowboys on ice today," Kent says. Concentrate on staying out of last place, maybe.

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