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Gary and Mallory ? Still loading luggage. WTF? Time to give it up and take two trips, you two. "Oh, hello," Mallory says when Jen and Kisha run up for their second load. Jen and Kisha take off, and when Gary and Mallory try to follow, half the bags fall off their cart. This Jenga-on-wheels arrangement is not working for them.

Justin is getting grossed out by the last half-inch of cheese in the pot, to the point where he has to go out and throw up. Even Zev is starting to look glassy-eyed, or else he's just showing off for the camera. The real tragedy is that neither of them is ever going to like cheese again. Except maybe Zev.

When we come back, there's now a clock telling us exactly how long Team Asperger's has been eating cheese: about 35 minutes. Well, that's also counting the time that Justin has spent throwing up. Jen and Kisha pass under the balcony where he's been yakking, and Justin waves down to them, admitting that "we're nearly there, but [he] had to puke." He makes it back to the table, where Zev reminds him of the Double U-Turn coming and the other teams are catching up. Seriously, Justin, get your shit together. You have more room than you did five minutes ago, at least.

Kisha and Jen deliver another couple of bags, so they only have six left. And Justin is still dragging Zev down, with 41 minutes on the clock and counting.

The third train to Zermatt arrives with the Cowboys, and obviously they're keen to catch up. As with last week, they skip the food and go right to delivering. For now (spoiler!).

Kisha and Jen have just dropped off their last suitcase, so it's back to the train station for them. And, presumably, the Double-U-Turn sign.

Zev and Justin have almost 48 minutes on the clock. "Can you help me here?" Zev has to ask Justin, who at this point is just sitting there looking miserable. Dude, at least scrape the sides a few times.

Jet and Cord get their 20 pieces of luggage loaded up and whoop their way out. Zev and Justin are on their 54th minute of fondue eating, and are finally finished. After all that, it's too bad they can't see their subtitle reading, "Currently in 1st Place." Wow, that was so arduous to watch I can't believe they're actually still in the race, let alone in the lead. They head out with their new pot while Kisha and Jen are turning in their luggage tickets to the head porter at the train station. Zev interviews that he pushed his partner because that's what needed to be done. "He pushes me a lot, so today it was my turn to be the leader." I think their karmic scales are a little more balanced now. But back to the clue, which is sending them to "Inderbinen Brunnen." Oh, and don't forget that the Double U-Turn is coming up.

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