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Chile in the Air

Ally is kind of grossed out by her fish and the guts coming out of it, so Ashley reminds her, "A million dollars, Ally." She manages to get her fish hung up, so they get their clue in sixth place.

Naina finally gets to the beach where Hoskote is waiting, and as they get back in their cab, he says that they're last again as though it's her fault. "Why were you waiting?" he demands. She says she wasn't and she left. "Okay, so what happened?" Naina blames the cabdriver and says, "SeƱor, mucho rapido." Wow, so does everyone speak Spanish this season?

Leo gets his five fish hung up, so he and Jamal are finally done with the Roadblock in seventh place. Ally & Ashley reach the mat as team number six, and then Leo & Jamal get to be team number seven, the last team on the first flight to check in. Not surprisingly. Now just get them on a last flight and we'll be in business.

Tim & Danny, Brandon & Adam and Jason & Amy get to Muelle Prat and get started on the Roadblock. "Holy hell, what's that?" asks Tim when he gets a load of the sea lions on the dock. They're giant, fuzzy, bawling boogers, Tim, what did you think they were? Jason gets started, saying he rowed crew in prep school, so at least someone is going to do well at this. Tim, on the other hand, keeps pulling the oarlock out of the gunwale and interviews that he's never rowed a boat before; "We have motors in our boats back home." Danny says it would be terrible to go home first, given what his family could do with the money. He knows that teams two through ten don't exactly clean up either, doesn't he? Tim notices that a local boatman is standing up and tries that himself, not that it works much better for him. He's still doing better than Brandon, who says unnecessarily, "Dude, I suck at rowing," just before he has to get up, step into the bow and uses his hand to avoid a collision with a docked fishing boat. Which would be better if said boat were the San Francisco. "You got this, Beezus!" Adam shouts from the shore. "Beezus?" Jason is lucky enough to find the San Francisco first and get five fish. Tim sees this and as they bumpily pass each other, he asks if Jason found fish, which Jason confirms. "Keep it between us, brother," Jason says as he returns to the dock. So he and Amy have completed the Roadblock in eighth place. Tim also has his five fish and is rowing back. So I think we can see who's going to be battling for last place, and it may not be shaping up to much of a battle at all.

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