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ched whine. Sam is closing in, but Brian is just hanging out waiting for Ericka, who is on a hard uphill slog. Perhaps if Brian knew what he knows now, he would have done a Flight Time and gotten himself sent down first instead of waiting up for the missus.

Cheyne finds an instrument in box seven, but it's a balalaika, and it's full-sized. Even so, he snags it and heads back down to the stage, ignoring Meghan's repeated calls to be systematic and her question of "Is that a tiny instrument?" as he climbs the steps to the stage, plucking the strings. Don Giovanni takes the instrument, examines it, and after letting Cheyne grin cluelessly at him for a long moment, lets out a "HA! HA! HA! HA," playing to box one-zillion before going serious and saying, "No." What does a large ham want with a tiny instrument in the first place?

The Globetrotters have transferred to the subway, and Big Easy analyzes the situation as Meghan wanting to work with them but Cheyne not. "Meghan is smarter than him, as you can see, because she wanted to work with us. Hopefully we can catch him and stick it to him." He doesn't have a plan for keeping Meghan out of it, but then that's not really his problem. Here's their stop.

Sam finishes scrambling along the rope. Brian's merely waiting for Ericka, just short of the platform. As the brothers jog over to de-harness, Sam calls up to Ericka, "Just rest your arms, you're fine." Aw, how nice of him to look out for her like that.

The Globetrotters walk into the theater. Meghan calls up to Cheyne, "Another team's here. Just cover as many as you can." He's only on box ten, though, and he's holding a couple of regular-sized guitars just in case that turns out to be what he's looking for. Flight Time sits down next to Meghan as Big Easy begins searching the main floor. "You found a needle in a haystack, I know you can find that," Flight Time says to his partner. Meghan smiles at that. So at least these two aren't fighting.

Sam and Dan ask a cab driver about their clue, and he tells them about the theater. Where it gets hinky is that this is the only cab driver there. Which means it's Brian and Ericka's cab driver. Dan offers to up his fare if he takes them instead. "No," Sam says. Brian, seeing what's going on from way up on the platform, calls to Ericka, "Let this be some motivation: the brothers are trying to steal our taxi right now!" Dan tries to talk Sam into making the move, while the Americas holler helplessly from above for the cabdriver to wait. "You're just gonna let them go in front of us?" Dan argues to Sam, who is clearly wavering. Ericka, unsurprisingly: "Aw, hell no." That'll learn her to call Dan "Pookie."

But after the ads, it's all for naught, because Brian and Ericka's driver tells Sam and Dan, "All right, guys, let's go." Brian watches them drive off, spreading his arms helplessly. Sam and Dan seem to feel pretty bad about it. Although Sam interviews that it was a smart move, the Amazing Editors cut out whatever "but" he was going to add after it. Brian and Ericka are now totally motivated. "I'm going for the jugular," Ericka interviews. But first she has to get off that rope. And figure out how to "go for the jugular" in a competition that consists entirely of going fast. And when the primary decision-maker of her team is determined to play nice.

Cheyne and Big Easy continue their searches. "Big Easy, you look like you're about five-two way up there," Flight Time calls up. Cheyne is searching behind the lobby bar and talking to himself, aggressively ignoring the way Meghan is repeatedly calling his name. Which is totally annoying Big Easy. The calling, I mean, not the ignoring. That part is only annoying Meghan and me.

Finally Ericka finishes the Detour, and they high-five. Now it's just a question of finding a cab, which Brian wonders about while they're still up there. "I don't see us working with them much more," Brian understates of the brothers. Ericka flatly says, "We're not working with anybody, ever, anymore. It's over."

Bran and Ericka's former cabbie delivers Sam and Dan to the Estates Theater (Sam briefly wondering where Dan is going as he's getting their bags out, when Dan is only walking over to the clue box), and Dan takes this one. Which they almost immediately regret, after reading that the clue mentions Don Giovanni. Apparently Sam was a vocal performance major for a year in college. As though that has anything to do with the Detour. But he does get to sing along with the aria and say, "I love this song" to Meghan and Flight Time as he joins them on stage. I'm sure they're impressed with how cultured he is. Brian says they left them on the rope. "We kind of took their cab," he admits guiltily to Meghan and Flight Time. Well, at least he's not trying to spin it.

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