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Shana makes her first delivery and gets her second, which is for a hotel. She finds a guy who knows where it is and will take her there. Nick finally makes his second delivery at the stupid hair salon. Shana makes her second delivery, so they're both headed back to the church. As it happens, Shana makes it back first, so Nick and Don are all the way back in last place. But only for about five seconds, because Nick comes back so fast and Shana and Jennifer dick around so much getting directions that before you know it, the girls are in last place again.

Kynt and Vyxsin find their gnome. It tells them to continue along a marked path to find their clue. Kynt almost walks into a tree while reading the clue, but Vyxsin saves him at the last minute. I am now waiting for the confessional in which he says he came on the race to test their relationship to see if she cared about him enough to keep him from walking into a tree, and look what happened. They get a clue for a Detour, which requires a choice between midsummer-festival activities Count Down or Step Up. In Count Down, you count all the pickets along a section of fence, and you reveal your answer to the judge to get your clue. The answer, the intro suggests, is 717 pickets. In step up, you stilt-walk down a marked course. Anyone who falls off has to start from the beginning. Both must finish to get the clue. Figuring that miscounting would require starting the entire counting task over several times, Kynt and Vyxsin decide to try the stilts.

Elsewhere, TK and Rachel get the clue for the Travelocity gnome-hunting, and they're followed directly by Ron and Chris.

Kynt and Vyxsin walk up to the festival that's going on in the spot where the Detour options will be. There's music, there are big giant cartoony's very festive, and they look delighted. Kynt interviews that this was his "favorite moment in this Amazing Race thus far." Stop name-checking the show, dude. That's not Goth. They go and find the stilts, so they can get started. They immediately conclude that walking on the stilts is going to be tougher than they thought.

TK and Rachel and Ron and Chris both find their gnomes.

Kynt and Vyxsin find the stilts difficult. People are singing vigorously. The Goths are getting restless.

TK and Rachel decide to take the stilts, mostly at her urging. When Ron and Chris read the Detour options, he says he's "pretty good at balancing," so they decide to go with the stilts as well. I'm not sure that it occurs to them that falling off stilts with a hernia might be painful. It probably should have. It certainly occurred to the pal with whom I saw the previews for this episode, who once had a hernia, and who I think almost got another one just watching Ron fall off the stilts.

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