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Nate and Jen hunt for their Travelocity gnome, as do Azaria and Hendekea, who are right behind them.

And Nick and Don and Shana and Jennifer are trailing, with both teams trying not to panic.

Kynt and Vyxsin keep trying on the stilts, and they look like they can do it for a while, so they look like they're going to make it before too long. TK and Rachel aren't doing the stilts terribly well, either. Both of these teams start to get very frustrated, particularly Vyxsin, who looks close to tears. Ron and Chris arrive at the stilts, and she thinks it doesn't look that hard. As they start practicing and Ron topples off, he comments, "I don't want this hernia to pop out." It's a good point. Everything stays on the inside, I say. And come to think of it, I think Ron carries that philosophy to other areas of his life as well. TK finishes the stilts, and now he's waiting for Rachel, who's really sick of doing this. He encourages her. Having bailed on the stilts, Kynt and Vyxsin are now at the counting task, and he reads from the clue that the counting is not to include either the fence posts or any gates. Important Information Alert!

The minute Jen sees the word "stilts," she tells Nate that there will be absolutely no stilts for them, at all. And I don't think Jen is the kind of girl who can be forced onto stilts if she doesn't want to go. You'd wind up having the stilt surgically removed, and not from your foot. Meanwhile, Azaria and Hendekea find their gnome and can go. When Nate and Jen arrive at the festival, they try for some dancing-around movements in solidarity with the dressed-up locals, but they are ungraceful as well as in a hurry, so it comes off pretty severely half-assed. Jen starts counting pickets, telling Nate that she can do it really quickly, and he should leave her alone. So now, Kynt and Vyxsin and Nate and Jen are both on the counting task. The approach Kynt and Vyxsin are taking is, in my view, the ideal one -- they both count along, with him a few pickets behind her, and when she reaches a milestone number, she stops and they verify that he hits the same number at the same time. I think they've instantly hit on the awesome way to do this. Ron and Chris continue on the stilts. When Kynt and Vyxsin are off by one at a milestone spot, they know to go back and start again. Ideally, there would be a way to mark the picket where they last know they were right, but I don't think they can, so I think they're starting over.

Azaria and Hendekea read about the options, and he thinks the stilts sound like "fun." She looks a little dubious. Not feeling dubious is Christina, who makes it to the finish line on the stilts at last. Ron has to start over, but Rachel is done, so she's very relieved to be able to leave with TK in first place. The clue tells them to go on foot to a nearby windmill, which Phil explains will be the pit stop. It's interesting that we were just in the Netherlands, and it's not until we got to Lithuania that we got the windmill. Someone had a couple of pages stuck together in their European Stereotypes Dictionary, I think.

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