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Kynt and Vyxsin see TK and Rachel leave, and then they verify their number -- 717. They show it to the judge and are correct, so they get their clue and can leave for the pit stop. Both these teams essentially just look around for the windmill until they see it, or so it appears, so everybody's running. But TK and Rachel are the first to arrive and be welcomed by the heavily bearded greeter. They produce their gnome for Phil. They are seriously surprised to be team number one, and they're undoubtedly pleased with their giant Travelocity prize, which is a ten-day trip to Japan. This is really one of the teams I think is most likely to really appreciate an opportunity to go to Japan for ten days, so I'm glad they won this one. They're super-thrilled, and that's always good. TK interviews that actually, they saw so few other people all day that they thought they were last, so they were very excited to be first. "Just goes to show you just never know what's going on in this race." Kynt and Vyxsin finish second, and they hug. In a friendly fashion. They seem like nice people, so I don't want to dwell on it, but I will say that I really, really do not see a couple vibe from these people at all. Not at all.

The captioners helpfully show Jen saying, "86, 87, 88, 89...100." So there you have it. She literally can't count, even out loud, and nobody is happier to caption it than the captioners, whom I suspect of high-fiving each other as the footage rolled. Ron keeps stilting. Almost as soon as Azaria and Hendekea get going on the stilts, it appears, she immediately does not want to have anything more to do with it, and says they need to switch to the counting. Speaking of the counting, Jen yells at a local mischief-making big-head mascot guy to stop frolicking in her face while she's trying to count. As Ron is close to finishing the stilts, he takes that extremely painful fall from the previews. I can't say he falls directly on his hernia, but he immediately looks to be in great pain. Christina goes over to put her hand on his back, and we go to commercials.

When we come back, Chris soothes her dad, and he's literally like, "My heeernia...," and she tells him to just try again. Wow. He's pretty demanding, but she's also fairly hard-core. I'm not sure my response to my father being like, "Oh, my painful injury!" would be "You're fine, just get back on the stilts, old man!"

Having gone directly from 89 to 100, Jen finds that she's counted 727 pickets. This, of course, is wrong. She basically doesn't believe the judge. "WHAT?" she demands. Nate tells her that the second time, he's going to count, too. "You need to count in your head," she commands.

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