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Ron shakes off his injury and starts over. Azaria and Hendekea count as a local youth (it appears) tries to distract them by scraping a stick along the pickets. Ron finally stumbles to the end of the stilt course, so he can leave before he runs out of intestinal fortitude. Or intestinal...intestines. He looks to be in real bad pain, however, as he and Chris read the pit-stop clue. He doesn't look good at all, you guys.

Shana and Jennifer are still looking for the village where the gnomes are, but Nick and Don are already there. They go looking. My favorite part is where Nick asks Don if the gnome in their picture has arms, and Don says, "No, his hands are in his pockets." Hee hee. They find their gnome and leave just as Shana and Jennifer are showing up. It doesn't seem to take them long to find it, so both the trailing teams are on their way to the Detour.

"Do not let anyone distract you," Jen says as she and Nate start counting again. Azaria is counting. But Jen won't let Nate count in any way she can hear -- he has to count, as she puts it, "inside your mouth." In bed. Sorry! When Azaria and Hendekea come up with the same number, they high-five and go off to submit their answer. That's a nice smile from them. They run off for the windmill.

Ron and Chris are in third place, and he still looks like absolute hell to me, even while smiling and saying "Great!" and raising his arm in triumph. He hurt himself badly, you can tell. Chris tells us in an interview that she's really happy with her dad for being a "superman" and both racing with a hernia and changing his personality for her. So, not "superman" as much as "old man."

Nate is counting, but he's doing it out loud, so Jen interrupts him to tell him to stop. "I'm not stopping!" he yells, and can sort of tell he realized he had already lost it, just by saying he wouldn't stop. It's a wonderfully cartoony moment, like, "DON'T DISTRACT ME FROM...DARNY DARN IT!"

Nick and Don open the Detour. "Can you do the stilts?" Nick asks. "No," Don says simply, and Nick says "Okay, let's count." I love their dynamic; I really do. It's so pragmatic, but also nonjudgmental.

Maybe Nate didn't stop counting after all, because now he's submitting a wrong answer. So they've now been wrong twice.

In last place, Shana and Jennifer read the Detour and want to count.

As Nate is counting -- not in his head, but quietly -- Jen comes along and interrupts, "Can I go in front of you?" He realizes that she made him lose count. "Bitch!" he says incredulously. "What are you doing?" Seriously, dude. She was counting just as out-loud as he was. She's ridiculous. "Are you serious?" she asks, wounded. "Why would you say 'don't talk to me' and then ask me a question?" he wonders. "We've got to do the stilts," he announces. "I'm not counting that again." As they walk to the counting, she says, "I cannot believe that you were that mean and that you had to call me that." He tells her he has to count out loud. Not the point. These people need to break up. Need. To. Break. Up. I get this feeling that because they've fought to get over this infidelity thing, they're missing the fact that...they're still not happy. Like, they're not happy anyway. Don't break up because he cheated; break up because you don't like each other, and everybody knows it but you.

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