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Nick and Don are doing their internet searching. They've located an itinerary getting them to Vilnius at 1:25 PM. Ron and Chris, however, are told that the earliest flight they can get is arriving in Vilnius at 2:10 PM. Hey, it beats 9:30. On the phone, however, Hendekea is also hearing about this 1:25 schedule. Everybody else follows Azaria and Hendekea as they beat a path to the Air France office. Well, everybody except Kynt and Vyxsin, who decide to stay and do their own research. They are individuals. They are Goths. They don't do mainstream airline research. They march to the beat of their own Expedia.

Nick and Don are the second team to the Air France office. Ron and Chris are leaving, and the teams politely pass each other without exchanging information. Chris wants to get away quickly to avoid giving the other teams any information about their awesome flight. Yikes. In the Air France office, Nick tells the lady exactly what he wants -- he wants the path that leaves Paris and arrives in Lithuania at 1:25. Just then, he hears Azaria and Hendekea pulling up outside, followed by Nate and Jen. "Hey," Nick says, "everyone else? Give them later flights." It's the most unserious behavior of this kind that I've ever seen, and I don't at all think he actually expected her to do this. Hendekea, who has just arrived, calls him on it, claims to have been "right behind you the whole time," so I think she's actually partly screwing around too, with her gag being that they've been standing there for ten minutes listening to the whole exchange. I totally don't think she's serious, either, just scolding Nick for "trying to be sneaky." Nick laughs and goes back to his agent, who's also laughing. "It's a gaaaame," Nick says back to her. That really didn't feel like it was an extremely serious thing, at least for Nick, who was clearly joking around. Hendekea, I guess, may actually be humorless enough that she was serious, but it's hard to tell. Shana and Jennifer arrive at Air France next.

Hendekea gets seated in front of a different agent, and she immediately asks Nick and Don what flight they're on. ridiculous, dude. I mean, she can't really think they're going to tell her, can she? Nick grins and says he's not going to say. Azaria grins back while telling Hendekea -- who suddenly looks like she's the one wearing the bitchface -- that it's perfectly fine that he's not going to tell them. Which is a good thing, since it's not so much "perfectly fine" as it is "the only logical response." It turns out that Hendekea's agent speaks English, and the one who was there when Nick and Don got there, with whom they're still dealing, is the one Ron and Chris worked with, who doesn't speak English. Azaria and Hendekea get booked on a flight from Paris to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Vilnius. That's the 1:25 PM trip, so they're pleased. Nick and Don, however, are told that there's no more room on the Paris-Amsterdam flight. With this option made unavailable to them, Nick and Don are given a flight arriving in Vilnius at 5:35 PM. Boo! Nick doesn't like that at all. Nick tries to explain, but when it becomes too difficult to explain, he gives up and takes what she's offering, knowing that he needs a different person to help him navigate this -- preferably an English-speaking agent. Nick and Don leave the office, knowing that they don't have good flights and will need something else. Much to my disappointment, when they're gone, Azaria declares the entire thing "karma." is not. In the cab, Nick says that it was "very frustrating" that the lady wasn't able to understand him. "Nick, you've done a good job," Don tells him at his great moment of frustration. And then he says, "C'est la vie. That's French, in case you wanted to know." Hee. They have a super-functional team relationship, I have to say. They're both good at being supportive, and they're both good at sitting back and letting the other one take care of something without hovering and criticizing, and they obviously like each other a great deal.

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