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Nate and Jen show the agent that they want the same path that the agent already discussed with Nick and Don, going through Amsterdam. Shana and Jennifer request the same thing. Outside, TK and Rachel are arriving. And then, back inside, Nate and Jen announce that they have their tickets. There's been a lot of speculation that somehow, Nick was so hatefully mean that the agent purposely lied to him (remember, as the show presented it, she specifically discussed the Paris-Amsterdam flight and told him there were no seats), but I don't believe that for a minute. People in customer service are way too callused to overreact to goofy little things like Nick teasing that she should give the other teams bad flights, or else they'd go off their kazoos after about six hours of work. I think she either (1) isn't very good at her job and wasn't looking at the right thing; (2) for some reason, found seats that had opened up between when Nick and Don tried to book and when the others did; or (3) something else random that we don't know about, because it was cut funny. This last is actually my real guess; there's so much cutting and voice-overing with airline personnel that there may have been a perfectly logical explanation, and we just didn't see it, because it's cuter to present the possibility that it's "karma."

At any rate, there weren't a TON of seats, because while Shana and Jennifer can get on the flight, TK and Rachel can't (although that's according to Bad Travel Agent, so who knows?). Nick and Don find their way to a different Air France office where they're finally able to get some help from someone who speaks English. Meanwhile, TK and Rachel are informed that they can get a route through Frankfurt, and it will get them there at 1:35 PM, ten minutes after the lead flight. Meanwhile, Nick and Don run into Nate and Jen at the second Air France counter, and Nate tells Nick that they're on the Amsterdam flight. Nick, understandably, is very unhappy that he was told there were no seats. "That lady made me so mad," he says in frustration. Back at the old original Air France office, Kynt and Vyxsin book the Frankfurt option (same as TK and Rachel) with the 1:35 PM departure. Nick and Don get this route as well, so they're ten minutes back, but they're a hell of a lot better off than they were when they walked in the door with that horrible five o'clock arrival.

Now, everyone is at this second Air France office, which I think is the one at the airport, and Jennifer and Shana are trying to get seats close to the front of the plane. I'm sure the people in the back of the plane would support that, stench-wise. Hendekea comes in, despite Shana's efforts to convince Jennifer to physically block the door. Jennifer tries to boss Hendekea to stand somewhere else, but the thing is, Jennifer is not the queen of the counter. If there's not a rule about where you can stand, it's a public place, and Hendekea can stand where she wants. Jen is also standing around, and she bitches to Hendekea about how "people's true colors" are coming out, meaning Shana and Jennifer for not wanting other people to see what seats they have. When Jen and Hendekea decide to leave, Shana and Jennifer restart their bickering from last week, wherein Jennifer doesn't want people to resent them, and Shana is sure that other people would be just as nasty, and blah bling blee bloo. Outside, TK is telling a little audience of other bitter people that with someone having used the U-Turn, now they can't all be happy friends anymore. Which is kind of antithetical to the idea of the "friendly game" in the first place. I mean, really. If you can't deal with it, don't play games with your friends, but...lots of people can, so don't think it's part of competition that you can't be friendly if anyone is gauche enough to try to win.

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