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Nick and Don make the right turn. "Bing!" says the bell that says this is the correct decision. TK and Rachel go left. Gong! Shana and Jennifer go left. Gong! Hendekea sends Azaria to the right. Bing! Kynt and Vyxsin take a right. Bing! So, currently lost are Nate and Jen, TK and Rachel, and Shana and Jennifer. Currently going the right way are Nick and Don, Hendekea and Azaria, and Kynt and Vyxsin. Ron and Chris finally land, and she hits upon the idea of asking a taxi to lead them to the church. When they're on the way with the cabbie in front of them, Ron says that it's a great idea he'd never have thought of. So...he hasn't seen the show a whole lot, I'm thinking, further supporting the idea that this little bonding tour was Christina's idea.

Nate displays his usual capacity for understatement when he calls the streets of Vilnius "the most insane place I've ever dealt with in my life." "Oh. My. GOSH!" Jen yells angrily. Their anti-swearing plan is really backfiring, because no matter how much their grandparents or whoever don't want to hear them say "fuck," I bet they even more don't want to hear them sound quite this twee.

Nick and Don are the first to arrive at St. Anne's Church. The Roadblock clue asks, "Who's a good listener?" Nick takes it. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, the person doing it becomes a "messenger." First, you choose a woman who's "working outdoors," and she will give you a package and an indication of where to take it and whom to take it to. Then, you take the package to that person, and they give you a second package and instructions to take it to one of four places. The four places are a hotel, a café, a restaurant, and a hair salon. It's obviously poorly constructed from the start, because the number of people who will know where a particular restaurant or hotel is will always be far greater than the number of people who will know where a particular hair salon is. One of those is a business where you go to get a specific service performed; the other three are public gathering spots. You don't have to be a genius to identify exactly what's going to be the problem with the task, just from seeing where the places are.

Nick gets his package with instructions to go to the Vilnius University Courtyard. Kynt and Vyxsin and Azaria and Hendekea arrive at the clue box at nearly the same time. Kynt and Hendekea take the Roadblock. Nick arrives at the courtyard and finds the right person, who sends him to...the hair salon. Boo! Nick has been thrown to the hair salon! I am concerned! Kynt and Hendekea are also sent to the courtyard.

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