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Finally, Nate and Jen just bail out of their car and start running around trying to find the church. The lady they ask tells them that it's about a twenty-minute walk. TK and Rachel ask directions somewhere, and Shana and Jennifer are still not doing very well. Jennifer decides to turn around, but she backs up into the street, it appears, into the path oncoming bus. She screeches out of the way, and in the back seat, Shana kind of freaks out, and Jennifer tells her to chill out. Understandably, Shana is not feeling chill about the bus she just saw bearing down on the passenger door. Jennifer looks miserable. Not as miserable as she would be if the bus had reduced her little car to the size of a box of Tic-Tacs, but miserable nonetheless.

Ron and Chris pull the Roadblock, and they decide that even though it refers to being a good listener, he really needs to do it, presumably to keep the balance of their Roadblocks. She chuckles in an interview that she's an excellent listener and he's kind of...not, so she was pretty concerned about what this might lead to, since her father is more "a great talker." Heh. As he walks off, Ron tells us that he's attempting to "stabilize" his hernia, and he actually feels like it's fairly well "under control."

And now, Nick is in hell, trying to find the hair salon and having no luck. He asks and he asks, and nobody knows. Kynt and Hendekea drop off their first deliveries. "Enjoy your fruit and bread, dear," Kynt says. It's nice to see that the Goths are, as usual, spreading good cheer and rolling out the terms of endearment toward strangers. Nick resorts to addressing a general question about the hair salon to the gathered patrons on a café's outdoor patio, so you know he's getting pretty desperate.

Jen and Nate are still looking for the church. She runs ahead of him down the sidewalk and bugs him to go faster. "Once again, we're going to look like idiots," she says. "I just can't believe what kind of person you've turned into," Nate says to her. "It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life." She comes back with the always witty "Same with you, Nate." Good comeback! I bet she feels good about that one.

Kynt finds the café where his second delivery is going with little difficulty. Nick still can't find anyone who's ever heard of his hair salon. Maybe cutting your own hair is a local tradition. And so, in first place, Kynt and Vyxsin get the clue to drive themselves to Lietuvos Liaudies Buities Muziejus. (Pronounced just like it's spelled.) From there, they'll take a marked road to Dzukija Village and find a clue. Good luck! Phil says that they have to drive to the town of Rumsiskes to do all this, and that's one too many words I can't pronounce. I would give up right now and go home. (I also freely admit that I am not inserting all the HTML code for all the special characters that should be found in those words, because there are only so many shopping days until Christmas, and I don't have a million years to look up how to make letters with pointies over them and figuring out where said pointies should be located.) But it turns out that what they're actually going to is (take a deep breath) "a Lithuanian outdoor ethnographic museum." (Says the entire TWoP bullpen in unison: "If you've seen one, you've seen them all.") Kynt and Vyxsin find a friendly guy who gives them directions, so they're on their way.

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