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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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Aahab cab speeds along toward Cabo da Roca. Aaron points out that their cab driver has been kicking butt, and he thinks there's a good chance they're not last to the spot, even though they were last out of the pit stop. And he's right, because actually, they're first. Oh, look. They have the luck of the evil. It figures. The cameramen have hit the bottle again, and are careening around Cabo da Roca. And approaching, hot on the trail of Aahab? Jill and John Vito, who are hopeful that they might actually be first.

FloZach detrains at 3:30 PM, and they grab a cab. Meanwhile, Aahab de-cabs at the route marker. They rip open the clue, and it's a Detour. Tasks? Two. Pros? Oh, yes. And also cons. Some of each. The deal with this Detour is that you're on a cliff, and you have to get down to the beach. You can walk down, or you can rappel down the cliff. Classic Reckless/Chicken Detour, if ever there was one. Aahab chooses the rappel without delay. The music thumps. If somebody doesn't lay off the lower half of that piano, it won't work anymore. Aahab gets to the beginning of the rappel, and they see that all eight of the vehicles the teams will use when they leave are still there, so this means they're first. They high-five. And, of course, they go, "Woo!" "This is one sweet day," Aaron says melodramatically, as if he has just vanquished his enemies or taken over a Roman town. But, you know, making up a half-hour deficit is almost as good, really.

Meanwhile, here come Jill and Jon Bon Vito. As they run from their taxi to the clue box, Jill wipes out. Just wipes out and lands on her face, pretty much. But in the process of wiping out -- and I am exaggerating far less than you'd think -- she barely stops running. It's way beyond picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. It''s more like failure to yield. To gravity. No reason why landing on your face should impede your forward progress, Jill seems to believe. John Vito asks her if she's okay, and she says, "I'm fine," as if she has no idea why he would be asking her that just because she just got through racking herself. They open the clue. "Ropes are faster," she says simply, and they're off. Yeah, I didn't really see Jill and John Vito going for the walking. "This is going to be scary," she says with a grin in the Jeep. "I am excited." I've decided Jill and John Vito are going to be the stars of my instructional video, How To Stop Whining In Thirty Days Or Less. It will have a great theme song, and they will wear black sweatsuits with "SHUT UP" on their chests.

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