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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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As Michael continues to slide down the mountain, Ian gets ready at the top. When Michael gets to the bottom, he remarks that he beat himself up a little against the rocks, but he's all right. "It ain't no thing, I'm just worried about my girl," he big-fat-acts again, having recovered from his interlude of normalcy. Kathy starts out the rappel at about the same time as Ian. Ian does the rappel by bouncing hard against the cliff, which is certainly the way rappelling looks on television, but which didn't appear to be what they were told to do at all. He also keeps yelling, which seems to be inevitable, in that he apparently can't do anything without yelling. He finishes up the rappel. Whatever.

FloZach takes the walk down the mountain. He voices over that he was disappointed that they didn't take the rappel, but obviously Flo was really scared. He calls the walk "grueling." It doesn't really look grueling so much as dull and meandering, but then again, he's walking with Flo.

Kathy reaches the bottom, and Michael gives her a smooch. He also reaches over and pushes her teeny-tiny cami-top strap onto her shoulder, which is sort of endearing, except that it makes me think that that is not a very practical top for racing to begin with.

FloZach continue walking.

Teri begins the rappel, but she is concerned that she can't hold the rope behind her tightly enough to stop her from moving. From below, Ian tries to yell encouragement. "One jump and you've got it!" Not that they were told to do this by jumping. He eventually tries a cheer: "Te-ri! Te-ri! Te-ri!" She does not appreciate it. "Ian, stop it!" she yells. First of all, heh. Second of all, here's what's really interesting. She unmistakably pronounces his name "Eye-an." Just unmistakably. So I, being the meticulous geek that I am, went back to the only time I thought I remembered hearing him say his own name, which was when he called his driver from Scotland to say they needed him again. And on that phone call, he unmistakably pronounced his name "Eee-an." Now, if you can tell me how you can pronounce your husband's name differently than he does after being married for this long, you will be a smarter person than I am. All it looks like to me is the world's most anvilicious metaphor for their incredibly obvious communication problems. I couldn't be more flummoxed. Oh, and because I haven't mentioned it yet, note that Teri and Ian wear matching outfits. They're like the Guidos, if the Guidos hadn't had their innate sense of style, had hated each other, and had been sort of slow.

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