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At 7:45 AM, everyone takes off. Kenny and Gerard are on foot, and Derek and Drew are taking their fabulous, manly feet for a spin. Gerard speaks Spanish to the cab driver, and his sounds much better than anyone else's. It makes Aaron's Spanish sound like it came exclusively from watching a few Univision soap operas. Running. Cabbing. And among other things, he addresses the people working the booths without the inappropriate familiarity of Andrew in the cab. See? I was right. And Mr. DaSilva thought I wasn't learning anything. He never should have kicked me out of class. And Gerard makes funny faces, too! I'm telling you, they can come right over here and sit with me. Just at 8:00, the twins arrive at the plaza, where Ken and Gerard are already trying out booths to see if they can find the FF. After a couple of false starts, Gerard and Ken find it. Yay! They go to read it, as Derek and Drew continue to run around. Phil explains that Ken and Gerard can now go directly to the next pit stop, which is the Hacienda de Words In Spanish That Phil's Accent Makes It Impossible To Decipher. There is a very dramatic shot of the red and yellow Pit Stop Mat of Destiny. Kenny reminds Gerard that they have to hang around and tell Derek and Drew that they got the FF. Gerard asks him why they would do that. "Because we told them we would," Ken says exasperatedly. And so they do. The non-models are surprised to see the models sweating a little when they finally find them. "They even sweat, those gods," Kenny says dramatically. They then discuss the fact that they think the Boys of Buffness took it a little hard that they were beaten by the "fat bald guys." Well, if there's one thing this show teaches, it's not to underestimate fat bald guys. "Those pretty boys are goin' down," Gerard voices over. Heh. Derek and Drew are disappointed, and head back for the noon bus. So honestly, going for it was pretty much a free shot, given the late bus.

As for using the Fast Forward early…well, yeah, it sucks. But the real sucking came from the fact that they missed the American Airlines plane and got bunched toward the back. You've got to avoid elimination every week, however you can, and I think this was the safest way. Will they wish they had it later? Yes. But you have to deal with those weeks when they come. Besides, using the Fast Forward late or early has yet to really make a huge difference in anyone's fortunes. Teams have been eliminated who never got around to using it at all, and of course Esquire not only used it the first week but used it when it was basically worthless because of the way the leg was arranged, and it didn't hurt them any. So it's hard to say.

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