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What If Our Parachute Doesn't Open?

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Once more, with feeling

Flo and Zach are the second team to the Mat of Destiny. Phil doesn't even try for any suspense. Aaron and Arianne are next, followed by Michael and Kathy. Next are John Vito and Jill, who must have blown the navigating to the hacienda in order to allow them to be lapped by Michael and Kathy the donkeygoers.

Back at the airfield, the last three teams arrive. Everybody wants to skydive. See, that's the spirit!

Heather and Eve are next on the mat. Feh.

Out of the plane go Tramel and Talicia, followed by Derek and Drew and Gina and Sylvia.

Meanwhile, back at the pit stop, Andre and Damon arrive and are team number seven. And then meanwhile back at the airfield, everybody pulls the hacienda clue and takes off.

Eighth to the Mat of Destiny are Dennis and Andrew. In the Tramel and Talicia van, they try to figure out where they're going. Derek and Drew and Gina and Sylvia are doing the same. Everyone is lost, and everyone is trying to get found.

Ninth place at the finish goes to Teri and Ian. As the last three teams battle to get to the hacienda, Talicia almost manages to drive onto a freshly-paved road. Oops. The road crew guy successfully gets her to turn around at what's basically the last possible minute. Sheesh. Everyone struggles with van problems, and Tramel eventually has to provide a push to get them going again. They're sure that they're last, but the twins and the moms aren't doing any better. Derek and Drew wind up offering twenty bucks to someone to take them there (they'll follow in the van).

Tramel and Talicia, certain that they are eliminated, walk toward Phil. "The walk of shame is almost over," he says, and she chuckles. "You're team number ten," Phil tells them. They scream. And whoop. And jump around. And dance. It's actually really cute. Phil's smiling, but you can tell he's like, "Wow, whatever, weirdos." Talicia runs over and hugs Phil. Hey, hands off the host!

So now the soccer moms and the twins battle for survival. "We're not good at this game," a twin says. "The real break is if somebody else is more lost than we got," a mom says. A van pulls in between the red and yellow flags. We see the space between the pillars, and we know a team is about to come around the corner. And…it…is…Derek and Drew. So the bumbling non-hotties live to fight another day, which for the good of the show is probably an okay outcome, despite the fact that I thought seeing the young male buff Fine Young Dudes eliminated in the first episode would certainly be a refreshing change of pace. Derek and Drew tell Phil that they are "by far the worst at this game amongst all these people." And that was a little funny. There may be hope for them.

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