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Elsewhere, somewhere on an airport shuttle, Teri and Ian are talking to Flo and Zach -- or, rather, Ian is talking. "It's a flip! It's a choice between American and Aeromexico." I think he doesn't get the point of all this, maybe, because it's not at all a flip. The American flight is an hour earlier, Captain Know-It-All. When the shuttle driver tells them that Aeromexico is closer than American, Ian decides they'll all go to Aeromexico. There's no reason at all to do that, of course, so either he didn't really listen to the clue, or he's not really a terrifically analytical guy. He gets Flo and Zach to go along at first, though. The four of them run in. When Teri and Ian are checking in, Flo starts muttering that they should probably at least check on the first flight before they sign up for the second flight. She and Zach eventually choose this option, and they bolt from the Aeromexico counter. They wind up sixth on the American flight, and right behind them are Dennis and Andrew. Andrew mouths "yes" very broadly, and holds up his hands in this gesture…I don't even know where to begin.

And now, the joy of panhandling. If you like the pathetic begging going on over at, you're going to love this display of whatever word most clearly connotes the opposite of dignity. Heather and Eve have decided that although they are intelligent, it's more fun to just beg, which requires no intelligence at all. They say they're looking for young men, who they are guessing will give them money because they're so gorgeous. They hit up a guy who looks a little incredulous, but not exactly smitten. He gives them a couple of bucks, which I suspect has as much to do with the camera as it does with the girls. Remember, Gary and Dave successfully panhandled, too. It's not like it means you're hot. If they approached me in an airport, I'd probably give them a dollar, too, if they promised they would then go away. A couple of other guys give them money, and then they sit down to count. They've got more than fifty bucks, and all they had to do was embrace and encourage the very stereotypes they claim they are trying to dispel. I suppose it's quite a good idea, if you don't mind the price tag. Personally, I think it's a little steep.

The first flight boards. Andrew says to his dad, "My first time out of the country!" And then he hangs his mouth open and waggles his shoulders. It's safe to say that Andrew is not exactly putting his father at ease. Which is awesome. The flight -- look at that enormous, hulking American Airlines plane, and how beautiful it is! Wouldn't you like to ride one just like it? -- takes off.

Back in Loserville, the second flight boards as strangely creepy music plays. The twins, Gina and Sylvia, Ken and Gerard, Teri and Ian, and Tramel and Talicia are on this flight. Everyone has one thing on their minds -- the shame of being the first ones out.

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