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Commercials. Catherine Zeta-Jones thinks you need a new cell phone. Because she knows what it's like to curl up with something old and awkward.

A pair of Amazing Yellow Lines trace the flights from Miami to Mexico City. Phil recaps the seven-five split between first plane and second plane. He explains that they'll need to get to the statue called the Angel of Independence. More drunken careening in Mexico City, and then the American plane lands. Lots of jumping into cabs ensues. Aaron tells his driver in Spanish that it's an emergency. He then voices over that their strategy involves using their "sense of humor," "wit," "charm," and "sex appeal." Hmm, 0-for-4. Off to a flying start. Shut up, Aaron. (I think that would make a useful macro.) Man, they're lucky Heather and Eve are here, or they would have an uncontested hold on Most Annoying Team. I cannot stand them. Zach knows some Spanish as well, and he's chatting with their driver about the cost of the taxi. Not much he can do about it now, of course. "Don't fuck with the man," Flo tells him. He says in an interview that he fears that Flo can't "cut it," because she's so "high-maintenance." Ouch.

Andrew, meanwhile, knows just enough Spanish to annoy his driver. "Andale, arriba," he says. Oh, that's a good idea. Because Mexican cab drivers love it when they know you're getting every word from Speedy Gonzalez cartoons. He does try out a few more words, but he calls the cab driver "tu," which I think I wouldn't. If I'm remembering right, which I might not be. I don't remember whether you're allowed to be inappropriately familiar with people like cab drivers, but I think I'd err on the side of "not."

Aaron and Arianne and Michael and Kathy are the first pairs to the statue. Aaron reads the clue, and it tells them to find a guy named Pablo. From just a picture. I would have really enjoyed seeing them just wander around aimlessly, asking random strangers if they knew Pablo. Alas, they catch on to the trick, which is to ask people to help them identify the building Pablo is standing in front of in the picture. Andre and Damon and Flo and Zach show up next. Everyone seems just a trifle dubious about the Pablo hunt. People on the street have no trouble identifying the building, though, so the teams are on Pablo's trail in no time. They're told to look at Zocalo Square. Aaron notes that the second plane is just landing.

Hey, look! The second plane! Everyone runs for taxis. In an interview, Teri discusses winning. "Winning …is everything," she says. "Winning is fun." You'll notice those two statements are not synonymous. She does not notice.

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