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As Chip loads sheep and goats onto the boat, Kim says again that she's not sure she's really doing her part. She chuckles that she probably could have helped lift the goats. "But they were so smelly and funky..." Heh. And yes, she says "funky" in that way that's almost more like "fonky," which is much funnier, because you can't really tell whether the goats smelled bad or were really good dancers. Linda and Karen arrive at the goats, as do Mirna and Charla and the Twinkies. Chip lifts the last goat onto the boat, subjecting the camera to a close-up of goat parts that I don't think any of us really wanted it to capture, especially those of us who use the pause button in recapping the show. Just saying. Anyway, Chip and Kim urge their boat guy to get moving.

Colin and Christie fill up their jug with the second urn they bring back, and their very excitable host claps and hollers and gives them their clue. It tells them to take a marked taxi to the Habu Temple, which Phil explains is a big structure. Thanks, Phil. Colin and Christie leave just as Brandon and Nicole bring back their second jug of water and get the clue and leave. In the cab, Colin speculates that the water task just had to be faster than doing the herding task, and I suspect he's probably right.

Chip and Kim, however, are having a wonderful time crossing the Nile, and Chip is again noting the nature of his trek from South Central L.A. to the Nile. Aw. In an interview, he calls the experience "unbelievable." I like it when people are able to convincingly act happy. "We just feel blessed," he says. Aw. He just got sheep goo all over him for like an hour, and he still feels blessed. Would that we could all be so gracious.

Elsewhere, Karen is loading goats, and Linda is keeping them on board. Charla is trying to convince Mirna to go after little ones. And, of course, with a hearty "honk honk honk honk," the Twinkies are teaming up to carry a single sheep, knocking into each other as they do. Karen delivers the moms' last sheep, and they get to leave. Good show, ladies. Charla, on the other hand, is trying to get the sheep to stay on the boat by screaming at them as loudly as possible. "Mirna, I'm scared of them!" she yells. Mirna brings another sheep over. "Mirna, wait!" Charla whines. "This one is the bad one," she says angrily, indicating one particular sheep. The camera then zooms in on the Bad Sheep, accompanied by ominous music. (Bad Sheep: "You lookin' at me? Are you lookin' at me? I don't see anybody else here, so you must be lookin' at me.") The Twinkies load up their last one and go. On their boat, a Twinkie is trying not to sneeze as she assesses her position. "The cousins are [sneeze] behind us. I think I'm allergic to...poop," she sniffs. I swear, you could not make these girls up. Nor could you make up Mirna, who is in the middle of telling Charla that she is -- yes, again -- going to die. Specifically, "I'm going to die," she is saying. "You have to hurry up, Mirna!" Charla yells. "Charla, we're so behind," Mirna complains. "Mirnaaaaa!" Charla yells. "I can't stay here forever!" "This is just too hard," Mirna says. "Charla, I'm gonna die." Oh, sure, she says it, but she doesn't mean it.

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