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Commercials. Pepperidge Farm mini-cookies? I don't think so.

Charla and Mirna are still trying to load up the sheep, and as usual, they're more talking about how strong they are than actually being very strong. "MIRNA MIRNA COME BECAUSE THEY'RE GONNA RUN OUT!" Charla shrieks. Finally, they get the last one loaded and leave, which is a good thing, because I don't think I could take much more of that.

We then see Lance and Marshall arrive at the goats, with Lance talking about how Marshall's legs still hurt. In case you missed it. "I have enough energy for the both of us," Lance voices over as he loads sheep. They finish and leave, with Marshall talking about how proud he is of Lance for being so...whatever...valiant, I guess.

Chip and Kim deliver their sheep to the shepherd on the other side of the Nile, who gives them their clue. So it's the Habu Temple for them now as well. Speaking of which, here come Colin and Christie, pulling up to the temple as we speak. They run to the clue box and pull the Roadblock. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, they'll be playing with a little archeology. They'll go to an area of sand with corded-off squares, and in one of the squares, they'll dig until they find a "scarab," which is a stone carving of a beetle. When they turn in the scarab, they'll get the next clue. The clue says it requires "keen eyes and a lot of patience." So, because he's the king of patience (snerk), Colin takes it. As they run to the site, Colin asks Christie, "A scarab, what's a scarab? Is that a sword?" Actually, I think a scarab is...Jesus! He gets into the sand and picks something up. "Is this it?" he wonders. "That's a rock," she says gently. Heh. "This could take hours and hours," he says presciently.

Linda and Karen get the Habu Temple clue just as Brandon and Nicole arrive at the Roadblock. They agree that Brandon will do the Roadblock. They approach the site. "What in the heck is a scarab?" Brandon asks Colin and Christie. They don't answer. He tells Nicole he doesn't know what a scarab is, and she basically tells him that whatever he finds, they'll look at.

In the Chip/Kim cab, he laments how smelly his hands are from the sheep. Heh. Linda and Karen, meanwhile, know that Chip and Kim are ahead of them. Behind them are the Twinkies and Charla and Mirna. Speaking of which, the Twinkies are getting their clue. Chip and Kim rip the Roadblock, and I think she's clearly been talking about how she feels like she should be doing more, because he says in a voice I read as very supportive, "Lots of patience...that's you, you're finally doing one."

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