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Chip and Kim are running away from the Roadblock, and Kim interviews that she feels good about having finally done a Roadblock. She feels more like she's contributing now, and that's good. On the boat to the pit stop, she seems to be working the map, also, so I think she's probably been underestimating her own significance to her team. Love them.

Brandon continues digging in the sand as Nicole watches unhappily. He apologizes (baby) to Nicole, and she reassures him that (baby) it's not his fault. He voices over that he has "an issue with insecurity," and says that Nicole tends to make him "believe in [him]self." She assures him that he's "doing terrific," and not to worry. Elsewhere, Karen comments -- logically enough -- that the scarab will probably turn up in the "last place [they] look." Well, sure. Because...well, it's an old joke. Mirna is still digging, too, and KamiKarli is telling KarliKami that she has some kind of spidey sense that the scarab is in a particular spot. And these chicks' instincts, as we know, are highly reliable. KarliKami is digging with her hands, which I would think is indeed the way to go, and she manages to be the next one to pull out the scarab. Oh, sure, now their powers kick in. "She found it," Charla says miserably. And Brandon says "dang it" again. "Yes! Yes!" says a fist-pumping Twinkie as she receives her clue. So now, it's off to the pit stop. But first, one of them manages to fall directly on her face in front of a bunch of local kids, I believe, who hoot in appreciation.

"Charla, I'm digging my heart out!" Mirna insists. Karen points out to Linda an entire part of the square that she hasn't dug yet. Among other things, I think Linda is digging too deep and almost too thoroughly -- the scarab appeared to be right under the sand, and Linda's essentially digging a flat-bottomed pit that's several inches deep. Furthermore, this forces her to move a ton of sand, meaning that she's building a huge mountain behind her, and I think most people watching this were seized with the worry that the scarab was under the huge pile. I certainly was.

Nicole continues encouraging Brandon. Mirna continues digging, and makes herself the second person to ask God to help her find the scarab. Digging, digging, digging. "Dig!" Charla orders. At long last, Brandon uncovers the scarab, and he and Nicole are off. So now, it's just Linda and Mirna, digging to China. Mirna whimpers as Charla tells her to just concentrate on finding it. "I can't believe this, I'm so mad," Linda says, near tears. "I quit," she finally says. Mirna complains some more, specifically taking objection to being asked to speed up. "Okay, Charla, I'll go a little faster after I carried those damn sheep." It's a good thing she never tells Charla to hurry up, or she would certainly look like a big dope right about now. Charla says sharply, "It is going to be a long night, Mirna." The music intensifies. Aaaand, fade to black!

Commercials. I am so tired of David Spade, I cannot tell you. TIRED. To the point of EXHAUSTION. ["Oh, you can tell me. And please do. Anytime you want. Hate!" -- Sars]

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