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Hello, I must be quitting

Charla and Mirna are team number five. Wow. Fifth out of seven? The other teams must be getting really jealous now. They high-five, and if Mirna does indeed molest Phil again, we at least don't have to watch. And I appreciate that.

Lance and Marshall inch, inch, inch their way toward the dig. "Just keep going," Lance says. "Just keep going." At the sand pit, Linda comes up with the scarab at last. They head for their water taxi in what looks like the late part of dusk.

In full darkness, Lance and Marshall approach the dig, finally. Marshall voices over, as we see Lance dig in the hole, that it was disappointing that they couldn't keep going, because they had competed "pretty easily" up until this point.

Linda and Karen check in as team number six. Linda interviews that they started with no money and made it to the end, and now they're back in it. Have they mentioned that they lost all their money? Okay. Just checking to make sure you were up to speed.

Back at the dig site, Lance takes note that six of the dig squares have already been done, and he throws down the sifter in disgust. "Waste of my time," he says. "Okay, game over, we are done," they say. And then there's some more voicing over about how Marshall was in pain, blah dee blah. Which I'm sure is true, but it's really interesting that until they figured out that they were last, Lance was all, "Just keep going, just keep going." Furthermore, they gave an interview -- yeah, the same one where they talked about how they're nothing like Kevin and Drew because Kevin and Drew were so boring, making it the one in preparation for which they apparently smoked quite a lot of crack -- in which Lance said that if the moms had missed the flight, they might well have lasted another leg. I mean, I get that it's discouraging to be in last, and I wouldn't have blamed Marshall for saying he physically couldn't continue, but that's not actually what happened. What happened is that Lance threw the thing down, saying, "Waste of my time." Joyce was wasting her time with the caviar, too, as many teams have "wasted their time" completing their last task, knowing that they were in last place. But at some point, you do as much as you can because you just do, especially if your alternative is to spit, "Waste of my time."

Phil, some time later, walks to the dig site to meet up with them. "I understand that you guys want to quit," he says. And that's exactly what it is, because if they could walk to the Roadblock, there's no indication that Lance couldn't have at least finished the dig and they couldn't have made it to the pit stop. "We've had enough," Marshall says merrily. "My knees are killing me, so I could not continue." That's interesting, that his absolute inability to continue kicked in when they figured out that they were last. What a coincidence. Phil calls it "a very unusual situation," and says it's the first time they've ever had anyone be "physically unable to check in at the pit stop." He goes on to tell them that they'd be last, so they'd be eliminated anyway, so they're out. And seriously? Good riddance.

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