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Hello, I must be quitting

There's a lot of voicing over about how much they appreciate each other, which is fine, because they have apparently had the same level of interest in this whole thing from the beginning -- namely, none. They haven't managed to enjoy anything they've done, they've worn those goddamn advertising shirts and hats every damn day, they've been jerks to everyone, they aren't funny, and to top it all off, they quit. Yeah. This is what happens when you cast people for something like this without regard to whether they really want to do it. When you cast people who don't want to be there except to get the name of their business on television, it shows in every single thing they do. It shows in their sour, bored demeanor, it shows in their contempt for the locals and the countries they're visiting, it shows in their relationships with other teams, and it shows in their basic indifference. I don't care if they want to cast models or actors or people who are pretty -- some of those kinds of teams have turned out to be entertaining and cool. But I wish they wouldn't cast people who are going to act bored and put-upon, because that's seriously the biggest buzzkill of all.

Funniest moment of the episode? Marshall praising Lance for the fact that there's "no quit in him." Yeah. Except for the part where he just quit. "Waste of my time," indeed.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: The easily-disgusted Mirna busts out with "Bitch!", Nicole tangles with the locals, and the happy Chip and Kim are just cruising.

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