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As he and Christie crawl back out, Colin notes that it's about 6:00 AM, so they might be able to get an earlier flight at 8:00 or so. Outside, they get a taxi and ask for the old airport. In the cab, Colin talks about how he hopes that they'll be able to catch an earlier flight than 11:30 so that the other teams won't catch up to them. Well, keep hope alive.

Back at the pit stop, Charla and Mirna are leaving at 6:41 AM, ripping their clue with their matching red nails. How race-appropriate. Charla preens about how "initially, everybody wrote [them] off," and now they're all learning what a strong team they are, blah blah blah. Mirna interviews that now, all the teams started "going ballistic because they became so jealous." Can I just ask who she's talking about? Who's "going ballistic" with jealousy? Certainly not Colin and Christie, who have finished ahead of her in the last three legs in a row. The rest of the teams don't even seem capable of "ballistic." People don't really writhe with envy over a team that has yet to finish a single leg in first place. What she's saying just makes no sense. As they head for a pyramid, Mirna talks about how they have to hide so other people don't see which one they're going to. Because everyone will follow them. Like everyone always does, especially the people who usually finish ahead of them. Bunch of followers! Stop following Mirna from the front!

6:45 AM. Brandon and Nicole. They read the clue and count their money, and Nicole talks about how Brandon is "an awesome partner," and she thinks that as long as they stay relaxed, they're "on [their] way to winning." It certainly is the day for burning your karma and dancing on the ashes.

6:46 AM. Chip and Kim. They count out $65, and as they leave, Kim talks about feeling bad about not doing more of the work, and leaving Chip to be the team leader. She says she doesn't feel like she's made a huge contribution. I sort of don't think that's possible, in the sense that I think they complement each other really well, partly because she tends to be low-key when he's being Maniacally Excitable Guy. But still, I understand how she feels. She points out that she thinks she needs to "build [her] confidence," and that does seem fair, at least. They're so cool -- who accidentally let them loose with all these other nutjobs?

Charla, now at the pyramid, notes that the other teams have caught up, so she and Mirna have needlessly squandered the five-minute lead to which they had staked themselves. They descend into the tunnel, which is of course substantially easier for Charla, who doesn't have to bend over at all, but just runs the whole way. Heh. Mirna complains about how far down it was, and how she was "a little bit worried" and so forth. Not really a hearty girl, Mirna. Brandon and Nicole are close behind. "This is fun for me, this is just my place," Charla remarks as she runs down the squatty tunnel. "I'm gonna, like, freak out," says Mirna. Well, it's hard to imagine that, given her even-tempered and drama-free personality, isn't it? They read the clue along with Brandon and Nicole. Brandon has de-shirted, allegedly due to the hot conditions in the chamber. For some reason, he interviews to this effect, that he took his shirt off, and Nicole comments happily that he "looks great with his shirt off!" Eh, fine. He's actually fairly scrawny, although he's well turned out. Mirna interviews that she's able to appreciate the "cute" factor of Brandon. Wait, was that a positive comment? About someone on another team? Well, I'm sure she doesn't mean it. He's still disgusting.

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