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Chip and Kim creep down the tunnel.

Outside the pyramid, Mirna tells the cabbie that they need to go to the old airport. If I'm not mistaken, that may be the Twinkies' oily driver from last week. He probably came back to see if they want to hang out and listen to his collection of Madonna records. Instead, he's getting Charla and Mirna, which must be quite a bitter disappointment. Brandon and Nicole and Chip and Kim are soon also telling their drivers to get to the old airport.

Colin and Christie, meanwhile, are arriving at Terminal 1 of the old airport. They run in to see whether there are any flights leaving earlier than the Luxor Air charter at 11:30. There's a 7:30, as it turns out, but it's now 7:12, and the flight is closed, so they won't make it. They further learn that nobody else flies to Luxor, so it looks like the charter is it. Colin complains that they can't find an earlier flight, so everybody will catch up. He really was hoping, I guess, to work his way out to that three-day lead, so he could have the very satisfying experience of being done with the race so early that there would be no one available to greet him at the finish line, because they would all still be trying to figure out how to ride Chinese unicycles or something.

7:12 AM. Marshall and Lance leave. Marshall says his knees feel "significantly better" than they did when he finished the last leg, so that's...encouraging? He says the nerves are irritated under his kneecaps, so that's...less encouraging, as is the fact that his walking has gotten even more pitiful than before. They discuss the sad fact that due to the Law of Conservation of Up and Down, once Marshall makes it down the 350-foot tunnel, he'll only have to come back up, because there's no word of an elevator. Marshall voices over that Lance has been very patient about his inability to go any faster. Indeed, Lance is quite a humanitarian, when he's not yelling "Bitch!" out of windows. In Chip and Kim's cab, Chip reflects on the long trek down and opines that Marshall will be in some big hurt once he's done with it, considering that even Chip's knees were feeling that task. Nevertheless, here the fellows go, down into the tunnel.

Back at the old airport, now at Terminal 2, Charla and Mirna and Brandon and Nicole head inside. They are joined by Chip and Kim, and everyone is unsure whether they're at the right terminal for the charter flight. They run into a guy who tells them to try Terminal 1, and Mirna interviews that she and Charla decided they'd wait for another team to come, and then use that cab to try the other terminal. Meanwhile, Colin and Christie are approaching Terminal 2 in their cab, meaning that the Perfect Storm of Idiot Behavior is beginning to brew. Christie is explaining that they know that the terminal they need is called Terminal 2, but they can just "go in and see" what the situation is, and they'll "tell [the cabbie] to wait." Colin says he's just going to leave his bags while they run in and check. Inside, Charla notes their arrival, sees them walking toward the terminal, and concludes that this is their shot at the cab they wanted. Charla and Mirna run toward Colin and Christie's cab, and Colin slowly turns and follows them, saying -- in a totally normal tone, so far -- "Yeah, sorry, this is our cab." Charla has already climbed in, and Mirna completely ignores him and continues getting in. He repeats, "This is our cab right here." "Well, you left it," Mirna says as she continues, undaunted, into the cab. "No, we didn't," he says, and she just repeats, "You left it."

Sheesh. Well, this sets Colin off, and he snarls at her, "We never fucking left it, sorry." Charla and Mirna ignore him and park their asses in the cab. "Our shit is in the car," Colin tells them. They ignore him. "My bags are in the trunk." Interestingly, contrary to the way I remembered it from first viewing, he's not yelling at her at this point. He's clearly annoyed, but his voice is, in fact, barely raised. When Mirna leans out and smirks at him, he repeats, "Sorry, my fucking bags are in the trunk." The cabbie now comes over and tells Mirna, it appears, that she can't have the cab. Christie, actually more snippy than Colin was, says disbelievingly, "Get out, that is so rude." As Mirna and Charla finally get out of the cab, Christie says, "The audacity of these people." Oh, calm down, dear. Nobody says "audacity" that way except easily offended southern grandmothers. As Charla gets out, apparently still complaining, Colin says to her, "Look, my bags are in the trunk," and she snots, "All right, fine, go then, what are you waiting for?" Of course, he's not obligated to leave, Charla -- the point is that it's his cab, and he can run inside if he wants to, because that's his arrangement with the driver, so back it up. To no one's surprise, she and Mirna complain in an interview about how it's like "junior high" and so forth, and "bullies" are trying to put her down. By, I guess, not giving up their cab so she can have it. If that's the worst thing bullies ever did to put her down, she got off easier than most people. It's a very mysterious remark, because there's certainly nothing "bullying" about Colin in that particular scene -- he approached them more than once in a perfectly calm voice and Mirna acted like he wasn't even there, so...when you refuse to acknowledge that people are speaking to you at all when they do so civilly, they tend to raise their voices. That's kind of to be expected. Anyway, Mirna repeats that "they disgust [her]." I have to say, if I were disgusted as easily as Mirna, I think I would be mentally exhausted.

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