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One other thing -- it's very interesting that Mirna is consumed with the idea of other people being jealous of her, considering that what you just saw was mostly jealousy on her part. She realized she shouldn't have let her taxi go, and it killed her to discover that Colin and Christie -- whom she hates, and believed she was going to screw over but good -- thought to keep theirs, just as she should have, and didn't.

Colin, on the other hand, says that he knew that the cab driver hadn't been paid and still had their bags, so he knew they weren't going to get the cab. "I can't even get over that, really," Christie says as they stand outside the taxi. "That is so rude." Mirna, meanwhile, points at Colin and Christie and says, "These people are maniacs," and then she says it in Arabic, apparently. Honestly, if you can get "maniacs," or anything like "maniacs," out of that scene, you're just nutty. If that's how much snappishness it takes for you to get to "maniacs," you are just plain oversensitive. Particularly if, say, you were the kind of person who would snap at someone, "Bitch! Get out of my way!" But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

And then, Mirna spits on the ground. Man, she is so classy. I mean, going to the trouble of rolling your hair and getting all fancy, and then not having the simple manners not to spit on the ground in public? That's just a heartbreaking waste of nail polish.

Marshall and Lance descend into the tunnel, but they already appear to be evaluating whether Marshall is really capable of going on. But ultimately, Marshall says he can go, so they go. When they reach the bottom, they get the clue. Marshall says as they climb out that this kind of climbing is actually easier on his knees than walking. They make it out, expressing some surprise that they actually finished. Lance comments that, given the time, they should still be able to get the flight and catch up to everyone else.

At Terminal 2 of the old airport, everyone ascertains that they're at the right terminal for the charter, so Colin and Christie release their taxi, and everybody goes inside.

At 8:33 AM, the Twinkies -- accompanied by their brand new adorable theme music, which I would call the Mischievous Honking of Stupid, open the clue. ("Honk honk honk honk honk.") They ask for directions to the entrance, as Kami says that they're just "confused" a lot of the time. Well, she doesn't so much say it as she agrees with the music. They stand under the red and yellow flag at the top of the shaft, and one says, "I don't know what to do! 'Descend'?" Swim, Twinkies, swim!

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