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At our old friend Terminal 2, Lance and Marshall are arriving. They get inside as we see the Twinkies get their clue and head for the airport.

10:08 AM. The moms read their clue, which points out that the money for the leg would normally be $65, but they won't be getting any. They talk about what this means for them, which is...well, they have to come up with some for their taxi. Karen explains that because the country is so poor, they decided to beg from tourists. Which they do. And I looks like begging. And begging is really not my thing. I think it's unseemly, and not very interesting, and there's nothing teams do that makes me more acutely aware that events are being influenced by the presence of the cameras than begging from strangers. Early on, they seem to be doing poorly at the begging, which Linda calls "hard." They luck out, though, when a big tour bus shows up, and the tourists start to break out their wallets. They get all squeaky, because -- free money! That's actually one of only a few things they've squeaked at that's worth squeaking over. Once they've got the money, they head for the pyramid and work their way down into the chamber. By the time they get the clue, it seems to leave them about an hour to get to the airport for the charter.

At the airport, everyone is wondering when exactly Linda and Karen are going to be leaving, and whether they'll make the flight. We see them getting into their taxi, clearly asking for "the old airport." In the cab, they repeat, "You understand old airport." "Old, old, yes," he repeats. Not very convincing, if you ask me. Speaking of the old airport, the teams are all standing around waiting for the charter, and indeed, they probably would rather the moms didn't show up. In fact, Charla (I think) voices over that "everybody was hoping and praying" that Linda and Karen wouldn't make it. Seems reasonable enough.

It's hard to believe after last week's episode, but at 11:25 AM, the moms pull up to...the new airport. "This is new airport, only for international," they are told. AIIIEEEE! Golly, two weeks in a row with that. They get rather angry with their taxi driver, and they order him to take them to the actual old airport. "It's unbelievable," they say sadly in the cab. That is some bad taxi luck, indeed.

Commercials. Oh my God, DEAN CAIN! I have an autographed picture of him that says, "To Linda, Super Wishes." It's really hard to explain, but if he gets really famous, I'll sell it to you.

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