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Linda and Karen approach the old airport, sure that the charter has left without them. Linda is talking about the fact that she knew the guy wasn't understanding her, which was my sense as well. You've got to learn to trust that instinct. It's like The Gift Of Fear, except with getting lost instead of getting mugged. We're told that it's about 11:33 as they pull up to the airport, so they're sure they've missed it. Inside, however, to their shock, they find that the other teams are all standing around, because the plane has been delayed. It looks from the Arr/Dep board like all flights out of the airport were delayed, so there you go. You never know when you're going to get lucky. They walk up to all the teams, giggling and squeaking like mad, and understandably, no one is glad to see them. So we have arrived the mega-bunch, which, of course, Colin complains about.

In fact, it isn't until 1:45 PM -- more than two hours late -- that the flight finally takes off, with all seven teams aboard. The Amazing Red Line shows you that they are traveling from Cairo to Luxor. Phil reminds us that once they land, they'll be headed for the temple to find the next clue. I love how the footage of the plane landing goes into speedy-motion, like, "Okay, we don't have all day, the plane lands, do you get it?"

At 2:30, the flight lands in Luxor. Everybody in cabs, with Mirna speaking English with an accent to her driver. We've seen her speak Arabic, so apparently, she just thinks accented English is sexier. Of course, I am probably just going ballistic because I'm so jealous. All the teams urge their drivers to go faster, but it looks like the speedy driver belongs to Chip and Kim, whose driver just got here from stock car racing school, and zings right past the other folks as their drivers sit there stewing in bitterness about the fact that they won't be getting residuals. Chip hoots at his helpful and excellent driver. Other teams try to urge their cabs ahead, but Chip's driver will not be denied.

Blaring horns bring us to Karnak temple, where Chip and Kim are first out of the cabs, followed by the rest of the teams. In a development that surprises no one, Colin is urging Christie to run. Uh, "baby." There is some running around in confusion as teams try to find the place where they buy tickets. And now, the ticket booth. People line up in the little queuing space, and Chip and Kim get tickets first, followed by the moms and Twinkies, and then Colin and Christie. The way the ticket lines are set up, the only window that appears to be open has handrails in front of it that clearly delineate where the line is -- it's like cattle going down a chute. Next to that line is a row that's basically empty, that people are using to leave after they get their tickets. That's how Chip gets out -- he ducks under the bar between those two chutes and leaves that way. As Colin and Christie are leaving, Mirna tries to cut the line by walking up the exit row and squashing in ahead of a bunch of people who are already standing in line. She squeezes by Christie, but when she goes by Colin, who does indeed turn his shoulders somewhat to get around her, she gets squashed against the side by his shoulder and his pack. Interestingly enough, the only person with a raised arm -- and specifically an elbow in the air -- is Mirna. From the width of the space they were squeezing through, it clearly wasn't even possible for them to pass without bumping each other, because she's going in one direction, and he's going in the other, and it just isn't wide enough to accommodate two people, one of whom has a big pack on. So they jostled each other.

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