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Of course, Mirna feels that she's been violently wronged. You can actually see that she successfully maneuvers herself in front of Brandon, who appeared to be waiting in the correct line. As she stands there, having just cut in line, she whines, "Don't push me like that again! Where did that guy go?" It's just completely comical. She butts in line by going against the flow of traffic, and when she gets jostled, she decides that Colin should have...I don't know what. There was literally nothing for him to do. Did he enjoy it a little? Yeah, probably. That's how adrenaline works. As I said on the forums, if that had been two guys, I don't think anybody would have batted one eyelash, and I'm not inclined to get all morally outraged, as if Mirna is going to break in half just because she's a girl. You try to force your way into a line, you get bumped a little. That's life in the big city, Mirna.

And now, in a voice-over, Mirna's delusions truly begin to take flight. "I think Colin is jealous of me," she says. Yes, that would be the very jealous Colin, who has finished ahead of her for several legs, and who is ahead of her as we speak. "And he has a Napoleon complex," she says. Yeah. You know, Colin may not be especially tall, but he's not short enough for that to be a particularly good dig, particularly when he's taller than she is, as you can see when they pass each other in line. "This crazy person is trying to assault me," she adds. And by "crazy person," she means "person who keep beating me in every leg," and by "assault me," she means "go faster than I'm going." She goes on to lecture that Christie is "submissive," and Colin can "dominate her." The interesting thing is that that may or may not be true, but I don't see why it would give Mirna anything to crow about. ["I think we can file that one under 'Even a broken clock is right twice a day.'" -- Sars] Furthermore, I would love -- love -- to see her reaction if any other team did what she just did, ignoring the line and butting in front. She would have them arrested for attempted murder.

Oh, and back in line, Mirna -- the big virtuous Christian who hates liars and cheats -- asks for student tickets. "She ain't a student!" comes a protesting voice, I think from Lance. Heh.

The Twinkies enjoy a brief visit to first place as they pull the clue for the Detour. Wow, how did that happen? I'm sure they're as surprised as anyone. Phil explains the Detour options, which are Herd It and Haul It. In Herd It, you travel five miles by carriage to Banana Island, where you have to herd ten sheep from the shore into a boat. Then they'll sail across the Nile to the other side. In Haul It, you go a shorter distance by carriage to a farm where you use a sort of a lever thingy to haul water out of the river. Then they transport the water -- by donkey -- up to the farmhouse. They'll have to cart urns of water until they fill up a jug to a particular point. Phil points out that unpaved paths and donkey-riding don't necessarily go hand in hand, comfort-wise.

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