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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

Now we have to sit through another interminable and non-sexy interlude of Drew voicing over that he likes Flo and Flo voicing over that Drew is "nice" and OH MY GOD JUST DO IT ALREADY. So far, this is about as smoldering as Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan. Flo then calls Drew "really smart" and "really funny," because that's the law. Whenever you think someone is hot, you have to call them smart and funny. Because just saying "hot" makes you seem shallow. It's interesting to note that people who are actually smart and funny are not entitled to be called "hot," which hardly seems fair. ["Oh, now you tell me." -- Sars]

At 9:00 AM, the flight takes off carrying Nerd Lust, the Bald Snark, and JVJ. Derek comments that the only team not in the group is Asshat. He doesn't necessarily realize, of course, that this is because Asshat is out in front, but he also doesn't seem to assume that Asshat is behind. This particular flight goes from Geneva to Paris (Air France, you'll recall), and then it makes the big jump to Malaysia.

Asshat lands at the Kuala Lumpur airport. They're worrying about whether they're first. Oh, shut up. You're first.

On the plane, we see that Flo has positioned herself next to Drew, and has left a seat between herself and Zach. Zach comments on the weirdness of the "symbolic distance between [him] and [his] partner," and about "another man moving in." Aw, Zach. You're better off, believe me. No, you are.

When they all land in Kuala Lumpur, Gerard inquires about a taxi to the Petronas Towers, and he's informed that the train is actually the quickest way. These teams all clamber onto the train. Zach explains that they're headed to the towers, but that the absent Asshat is "a question mark." Flo says they "hope they're far behind." Ugh. Thus begins Flo's quest to ensure that her karma is even worse than Ian's.

At 7:30 AM, Teri and Ian are at the towers. Teri reads the clue, which points out that these are the tallest buildings in Asia. It then tells the teams that they should pick up one of the Kodak Easy-Share cameras that's been provided and get someone to take a Kodak Easy-Share picture of this Kodak Easy-Share moment. The Kodak Easy-Share picture has to include both members of the team with both buildings. In explaining the clue, Phil manages to say "Kodak Easy-Share" yet again. He does provide the more useful information that when they've taken the picture, they'll have to take the camera to the Ampang Park shopping center, where there's a self-service Kodak kiosk where they can print the pictures. Phil actually says "develop," but -- digital cameras? Not so much with the developing.

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