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Why Did You Have To Take Your Pants Off?!, Part II

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Shut up and Singapore

Asshat asks some locals to take their picture. In a disappointing moment even for him, Ian actually acts impatient and rude to the person who stops to help, waving his arm and saying, "Come on, I'm in a hurry, please." Ian, you can't treat that guy in that rude way! That's a stranger, not your wife! They do manage to get the picture taken, however, and they ask for directions to Ampang Park. They head off and discuss the fact that they have a lead. I wish they'd stop talking about their lead, because that only makes me think about it.

The rest of the teams are still on the train, and Flo is working on her anti-karma. Derek mentions that Teri and Ian aren't on the train, and she snots, "They're slow, they don't get it." She goes on, inordinately pleased with herself, "Ian probably stopped to, like, bother some locals."

The Amazing Editors slam-cut to Ian, bothering the locals. Heh. "Is this Ampang?" he is yelling annoyingly through a window. "Which way is Ampang?" He keeps...well, bothering the locals until someone gets him going in some direction or other.

The rest of the teams arrive at the towers and look for the flag. Jill sees it first, but her urgent "John Vito, John Vito, John Vito" alerts the other teams, who quickly follow. There is a dash to the flag, but in the end they all get there at roughly the same time and pull the camera clue. That's the Kodak Easy-Share digital camera clue, by the way.

Asshat, a few steps ahead, is looking for the Kodak kiosk. Teri is asking a guy on a motorcycle for "Ampang Shopping Park." He doesn't know. The next guy doesn't know either. As they continue walking, Ian snots to her that she's too slow. She does not, for whatever reason, just haul off and whap him across the nose with the clue. That would have been funny, though. He orders her to jog. That certainly would have been it for me. WHAP! "This is crazy," she mutters. "Now don't shut down on me now!" he drill-sergeants.

JVJ get their picture taken. She smiles. He doesn't. Derek and Drew get their picture taken. They keep all their clothes on. FloZach gets their picture taken. She doesn't scream. The Bald Snark gets their picture taken. They're...still bald.

"Come!" Ian barks impatiently at Teri, yet again. "I don't need this from you," she says. But, you'll notice, it all works in the course of their relationship. Yep. Say what you will, they sure are happy.

Now everyone is looking madly for the shopping center, with Teri and Ian presumably closest. This appears to be the hardest-to-find shopping mall ever. If I were one of the people whose stores are located there, I would call the local Chamber of Commerce and tell them that we apparently need more conspicuous advertising, because "hidden" isn't really a selling point for quality retail space. Asshat eventually reaches what they think is the destination, but they find that they are at the Ampang Park train station, rather than the Ampang Park shopping center. "We're in serious trouble," Ian says as they look at the map.

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