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Not-So-Great Scots

At the Sheep Heid Inn, a local is giving Beth some skittles pointers; the lane isn't quite level, so she needs to curve it to the left. Beth gets a "flora" on her 16th attempt and they take off, so I guess Mona must have already succeeded when the cameras weren't rolling. "Back to the castle," they say, and drive off in the gathering dusk. I know they're not having a great leg, but how often to most people get to say "back to the castle"?

Joey & Meghan still suck so much at navigation that they only find the castle by somehow blundering onto Craigmillar Castle Road and spotting the old pile looming in silhouette in front of the rapidly darkening sky. Twenty minutes later and they would have missed it. Through sheer luck, they end up arriving at the same time Mona & Beth are returning, and the teams decide to team up. The place turns out to be pretty dark inside at night, so they're smart to bust out the headlamps. They end up splitting up to cover more ground, which I guess is still working together somehow, and Joey & Meghan are the next team to find the Detour clue, inside a rooftop fireplace. They read the clue by their headlamps and agree to do the food one. Or, rather, to do the food one first. "You know what haggis is, right?" Meghan asks Joey. When he doesn't, she says, "You don't want to know." They head back downstairs. Mona also finds one in a different rooftop chimney, and decides on the same option. So now it's off to the Sheep Heid Inn village, which Beth & Mona have already been to, but Joey & Meghan are following them so that wipes out their navigational advantage. "We can't shake them," Beth says as she's driving Mona back to the village. "We just have to do the Detour better than them." That's actually a solid strategy either way.

It's dark in Edinburgh, but that 900-year-old alley is pretty-well lit as the country singers show up and are told they're team number three.

Beth parks in a field somewhere, apparently in the wrong place. She and Mona go crashing across yards and between dustbins to the Inn in a vain attempt to shake off Team YouTube. They seem to have a good head start on Joey & Meghan as they begin making their haggis while the latter team is still prepping. "I still don't know what haggis is?" Joey chirps in the kitchen, "and I don't want to know." Robert Burns is either sparing them the poem or has already finished it, remarking to Beth that "you lassies look like you've done this before." While manhandling lumps of shredded organ-meat, Beth says she's telling herself that she's just making meatballs. The chef comments to Team YouTube that they're a little slower. "They're moms, they know how to cook," Joey stereotypes.

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