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Not-So-Great Scots

Max & Katie board their plane, thinking they've already got this leg in the bag, so obviously they're a little disappointed when they see Bates & Anthony boarding, followed by the country singers. "The Sexy Six is together forever," Caroline grins when she sees Team Newlywed. Max is less pleased, as the plane takes off into the predawn darkness at 6:45 AM. And who could blame him? "Sexy Six?"

Sometime after sunrise, Team YouTube and the derby moms are boarding their plane, happy to be together and in what they obliviously think is the lead. Their plane leaves at 8:50 AM. Over the map of an Amazing Gold Line angling north from Brussels, followed by an Amazing Dark Blue Line transferring in Frankfurt (which, after what happened to Abbie & Ryan last season, is just tempting fate). Phil narrates, "All teams are now making their way to Edinburgh, Scotland." To serve as musical accompaniment to the b-roll footage of Edinburgh castle and various highland scenery, someone in the soundtrack department has dug deep and come up with... bagpipes! I know, right? Who would have thought?

The first flight lands, and the three lead teams hurry through the airport to find the Fiestas waiting for them outside. Always obsessed with his lead, when he has one, Max carefully counts them to confirm that they are indeed the first teams there. They head out in first place with him at the wheel. Anthony's driving Bates in the second-place car, as they tell us about the plan for these three teams to U-Turn Team YouTube and the derby moms. This should be pretty easy, given their two-hour lead... except that in the rear of the little caravan, Caroline's having a little trouble keeping up. It turns out to be because her handbrake is engaged. "That's key, when you're driving a stick. You have to take the fricking parking brake off," she advises the kids at home. So much for my assumption that she's the smart one.

Driving along over the countryside to a stately old manor house, Max reacts to the first sight of it with appropriate respect: "Is that that big bastard up there?" He and Katie park and run up the drive, Bates & Anthony arriving shortly thereafter. "Looks more like a castle than a house," Bates says, pretty accurately. It looks even more like a palace. Max & Katie reach the expansive front steps, where a full bagpipe and drum regiment is making a spectacular racket above and behind the clue box. Suddenly we're inside the house's cavernous grand ballroom, as Phil says the teams will get a chance to play with this group, "known as the Royal Regiment of Scotland." But how are they expected to learn to play the bagpipes in one day? Actually, they'll only have to learn how to blow one sustained note, which they'll do while marching around the big marble room with a few other pipers. If they can keep it up for a full circuit, the instructor will give them their next clue.

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